37 webbing pattern pistol holsters, left or right?

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    Just re-watching the fantastic Bridge too Far, for the hundredth time and saw lots of types of the 37 holster.

    Was there any particular reason why sometimes it was worn on the left, I.e. ‘crossdraw’ and sometimes on the right?
    Also, the ammo pouch and compass configuration, was it personal preference to have holster sometimes under compass pouch etc?
    What about lanyards, a good idea or did they get in the way?

    Lastly, who got the Browning HP and who got the good old service revolver?

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    It was up to the user or the user's OC/unit habit. The standard rig was to have pistol on the left for a cross draw, binoulars and compass on the right. Mimicking a Sam Browne it is on the right as the (now absent) sword would be on the cross draw.
    In the field it would be entirely on how the user felt about whatever else they needed handy - binos, compass, etc.
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  3. Rich Payne

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    From the 1939 ACI "The Pattern 1937 Web Equipment" :-

    "....From the foregoing explanatory matter, it will be seen that the articles attached to the waistbelt in front may be varied as desired, e.g. the pistol case with ammunition pouch above may be worn on the left side and a basic pouch on the right side (without brace attachment)".

    Photographic evidence seems to show every possible permutation.
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    Have a look at this snap of yours truly , taken at Ferndorf in Austria when the 4th Queen's Own Hussars established a POW camp for an SS Division they had just taken prisoner.

    Now you sort it out ! 055 Page 59  Guard Room, Ferndorf, Austria.jpg
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    Thanks, that makes sense.
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    So it's the classic British style of anything-but uniform then!
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    Always associate Austria with castles and freezing snow all around, seems odd seeing shirt-sleeves!
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    This chap has gone full Western-style, low-slung!
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    You appear to be having the same luck as me with posting picks here
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    As image not showing have a read of this thread.
    Adding Images
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    Thanks for the scoop.

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