359 battery, 109th LAA 1942-47

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    Hi everyone - I've just joined this site so I hope I'm operating correctly. Apologies if not. My father, who served with 359 battery, 109th LAA 1942-47 has just died, and I'm trying to trace the unit's records. Would there be a diary for those years? Many thanks!
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    There are war diaries for the 109 LAA at the National Archives at Kew.

    I believe these to be the references:


    WO 166/7695, 109 Regt. (1942 Jan.- Dec.)
    WO 166/11729, 109 Regt. (1943 Jan.-Dec.)
    WO 171/1128, 109 Regt. (1944 Jan.- Dec.)
    WO 171/4954, 109 Regt. (1945 Jan.- Dec.)
    WO 171/9122, 109 L.A.A. Regt. (1946 Jan.- Mar.)

    (Downloaded from ARCRE War Diary Search Engine: Arcre - War Diary Search Engine - 2012-01-07 18:58 GMT)

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    The unit did have war diaries for those years and they can be viewed at the National Archives at Kew. I know these are the reference numbers:-

    1942 - WO166/7695 (UK)
    1943 - WO166/11729 (UK)
    1944 - WO171/1128 (North West Europe)
    1945 - WO171/4954 (North West Europe)
    1946 - WO171/9122 (North West Europe) Jan to March (Disbanded Mar 1946)

    There is also a war diary for 359 LAA Battery covering Jun to August 1944 in North West Europe. WO171/1185.
    You mention the period up to 1947. Only your Father's service record would confirm where else he served after the unit disbanded.

    Hope that helps.

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    The war dairies will give exact locations but can help post May 45 for general locations in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein the 109th (Royal Sussex Regiment) Anti Aircraft Regiment RA (TA) were part of 106th Anti Aircraft Brigade command 2nd Army transferred to 8th Corps in May 45 to Neuengamme south east of Hamburg the brigade then moved to Ratzeburg south of Lübeck later in May then back to Hamburg Jun 45 until Oct 45 when authority was given for disbandment…source 8th Corps District war diaries…clearly the regiment and brigade was reprieved and disbanded in Mar 46 but the regiment could have moved elsewhere as not on the list of units for the brigade in Mar 46 when 6th Guards Brigade moved from the Rheinland to take over the area responsibility in Hamburg...hope this helps
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    Thank you everybody for the kind welcomes and for your guidance. I will pursue those leads. Regards
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  11. Have old comrades book it shows where they were stationed. For unit diaries go to the National Archives they will hold all the relevant diaries for each year.
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    As OP was posted in 2012 and he hasn’t been on the forum I’ve sent him a PM to alert him to your post.if he has the same email as when he joined the forum he should get the message.

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  13. Thanks Steve.
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    Hi Richard, can i ask what you meant by "old comrades book"? Was this someone's book from the 109 regt? My grandfather was in 357 bty of the 109 and I was wondering whether your book would relevant to him as well?

    Many thanks,

  15. Hi Ian, yes it is an Old Comrades Association address book, it also shows the deployment of RHQ Bty. 357, 358 & 359 Bty's from 13 June 1944 to 5 May 1945 plus the planes each Bty shot down and where. regards Dick
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    Is this something that can be purchased or is it a one-off?
  17. Hi Ian,
    it is a one off. Is there anything you want me to transcribe and send to you?

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    Hi Dick,
    Thanks for the kind offer. I have been researching the 109 for several years now so I'm interested in anything and everything to do with the regiment. The info you mentioned in your first post would be interesting to see as well as any other info that talks about what the regiment did. But i realise it will take time to do so ill try and stop from asking for too much!!! I have the war diaries and have slowly been going through them, researching certain battles, areas, stories etc. Very time consuming and slow prgress, but love it. Sadly my grandfather died when I was about 9 so I was never able to hear first hand his accounts, but piecing together his story slowly.
    Kind regards,
  19. Hi Ian,

    I will copy the first 2 pages that have the relevant info. the rest just lists the officers and men's then addresses, if you send me your email address I will send it to you.



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