3535131 Pte James A Viner Manchester Regt

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    having spent the best part of 6 months researching the family's WW1 service (there is loads) i've moved onto the WW2 service. i have 7 so far and i've got service records, log books, medals, pension and discharge papers for all of them, except my great uncle!

    i know he was Manchester Regt, born in Chorley Manchester in 22nd Feb 1915 and after contact with the Archivist at the Manchester Regt museum, we think his number was 3535131 and he possible attested 30 May 1940 and was transferred to the Z class reserves on 4 May 1946.
    so i've got a fair bit since i have applied, but don't have his service records.

    all i'm actually after until they arrive (in about 8 months) is what Battalion he served in. i don't know where he served which doesn't help!

    oh, and i can't visit Kew or Tameside or any places of research due to being deployed. (currently serving Cpl)

    any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Owen

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Afriad you're going to have to wait until the service records arrive as anything else will be guesswork.
  3. pierce09

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    ah was hoping for something more optimistic!

    thanks anyway Owen!
  4. pierce09

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    Discovered he was in a mortar platoon. still none the wiser to what Battalion!!
  5. pierce09

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    having found myself permanently on the other side of the world, i'm still non the wiser to this man's service.

    anyone have any ideas outside of the service records?

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    The problem is not everyone stayed in one battalion. My partners GF served in 3 different infantry battalions during WW2 and I'm sure there will be many more men that served in even more units over the 6 years period.
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