35 B17 Missions - Ludwigshafen To Berlin

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    The quality of commentary and erudition displayed by the contributors to this forum strikes me as quite remarkable. I look forward to participating in discussions as they arise where my experience with the 8th Air Force in WWII may lend some credence to my opinions, but questions from you would be appreciated to get me started.
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    Just to say welcome to the forum! :)

    Interesting website I was wondering was the mission to Schweinfurt October 9th 1944 the same mission as the one to attack the ball baring factory or have I got it compleately wrong?
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    Welcome aboard Sam,

    I have moved your post to 'real life experiences' so you are more at home :)

    Can you let us know which base(s) you flew from? Some of us may have visited these sites.


  4. b17sam

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    In reply to the two previous posts:
    1) I was attached to the 324th Squadron, 91st Bomb Group at Bassingbourne (about 6 miles west of Royston)
    2) Our briefed target for the Schweinfurt mission of 9 October 1944 was the ball bearing works, but it was obscured by weather, so we dropped on the train yards. This was one year after the original famous Schweinfurt raid.
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