34th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment R.A (T.A)

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    Can anyone place the 34th Light in North Africa prior to 18/10/1942?

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    My Dad joined 34LAA in North Africa in early 1943. However, I found the following article about 34LAA, which talks in general terms about their location prior to that. I hope that it may help.

    34th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R.A. (T.A.)
    HQ: Swansea
    92nd Bty (245th Tp: St. Athan A.S.U.; 246th, 247th Tps: Bridgend R.O.F.; 248th Tp: Llandow A.S.U.)

    The regiment served under 55th Anti-Aircraft Brigade at the outbreak of war. In February 1941, it had part of the regiment under 45th AA Brigade in the Cardiff/Newport area and part under 64th AA Brigade in the Swansea/Milford area. 144th Battery joined on 23 September 1939 and 65th Battery joined on 11 May 1942. The regiment was sent out to Egypt at the end of 1942. It served under 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division from 18 October to 6 November 1942 in Egypt. It then served under 17th AA Brigade, being located in the Tobruk area. Shortly afterwards it transferred to 12th AA Brigade as part of 8th Army. It served until the end of the campaign in North Africa in May 1943 under the brigade, transferring to 1st Army and 22nd AA Brigade near the end of the campaign in May.
    The regiment arrived in Bari, Italy under 25th AA Brigade in late December 1943. It remained in this area under the brigade until it was placed on suspended animation on 23 February 1945.

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    34th LAA coming under 22 AA Brigade in early June 43 from their diary WO175/371 DSC07766.JPG

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