34934 Alastair Edward Hyde VILLIERS, MiD, Grenadier Guards

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    Personal Number: 34934
    Rank: Lieutenant-Colonel
    Name: Alastair Edward Hyde VILLIERS, MiD
    Unit: Grenadier Guards

    London Gazette : 22 September 1939
    The particulars regarding the undermentioned for the 3rd Sept. 1939 are as now stated and not as notified in the Supp. to the London Gazette of 8th Sept. 1939.
    To be 2nd Lts.:—
    7th Sept. 1939:—
    Alastair Edward Hyde VILLIERS (34934)

    London Gazette : 3 September 1940
    Gren. G'ds.
    War Subs. Lt. (actg. Capt.) A. E. H. Villiers (34934), from Gen. List, to be War Subs. Lt. (actg. Capt.). 4th Sept. 1940.

    London Gazette : 4 April 1946
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in North-West Europe:—
    Foot Guards.
    Gren. G'ds.
    Lt.-Col. (temp.) A. E. H. VILLIERS (34934).
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    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details
    Name Villiers, Alistair Edward Hyde
    Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    Regiment: Grenadier Guards, Headquarters 30eme Corps
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Foreign to British: France
    Award: Croix de la Legion d'Honneur
    Date 1940-1947
    Catalogue reference WO 373/185
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