3243151 Daniel SCOBIE, MiD, 1 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

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    Fusilier Daniel Scobie
    Cameronians attd 1st Bn, The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

    Mentioned in Despatches (Recommended for the Military Medal)

    At Donbaik Village, Mayu Peninsula, Burma on 18th Feb 43, Fus Scobie was pl runner of No. 10 Pl "B“ Coy 1 Innisks.

    In an attack 2 sections of his pl reached their objective, a chaung mouth, where it was isolated from the rest of the Bn.

    O.C. 10 Pl asked for volunteers to take a message to Bn H.Q. with information of his whereabouts. Fus Scobie and the Pl Sgt immediately volunteered to wade and swim back through the sea with message, a distance of about 600 yards.

    The beach and surf were covered by enemy M.G. fire at close range.

    Fus Scobie and the Sgt succeeded in reaching Bn H.Q. with the message in an exhausted condition, having made the journey in daylight and under heavy fire.

    This Fusilier showed extreme courage and determination in volunteering for and carrying out this hazardous task and his feat was an inspiration to all ranks.

    LG 22.4.1943

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