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    Im looking for any information regarding 308 Maintenance unit. My Grandfather was stationed with them for most of the war in Allahabad, India. There is virtually nothing on them other than they were stationed in Allahabad, even that I'm not 100% sure of.

    Can anyone shed any light on this forgotten MU? Other then the National Archive, is there any where else I can look?
    Does anyone specialise in MU's on here?
    Were MU's moved around or were they stationed in one place for the duration of the war?

    Sorry for all the questions but I'm a little stuck.

    Many thanks

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    Not much help but the closest hit in the AWM archive


    Group portrait of members of No 10 Pilots' Course. Identified, left to right, back row: Lieutenant (Lt) Ballard; 401175 Pilot Officer Alan Gibson Swann; Lt Jones; Lt Richardson. Second row: Lt Leech; 407756 Pilot Officer (PO) Jack Trenberth; Lt Chapman. Front row: Lt Beesley; Sergeant (Sgt) Minchin; PO Hickey; Lt Dorner.

    PO Trenberth, of Bondi, NSW, was killed in an aircraft accident on 13 July 1942 near Allahabad, India, whilst attached to 308 Maintenance Unit RAF.
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    It wouldn't hurt to add your GF's details - his name etc - to this thread

    Long shot, but attached are some names of unit members

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  5. PsyWar.Org

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    According to the description given for the unit's Operations Record Book, it was based at Bamrauli, Allahabad and Phaphamau between 1942 to 1947.

  6. dlesto

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    Thanks for the responses guys.
    Really appreciate it!

    My Grandfathers name was Alfred James Ives.
    Service Number: 846806

    He joined the unit in 43 so the crash and the photos would be previous to that. I will cross check the photo to the ones that I have to see if the same men were still in the unit. would also put names to faces.

    Its also on the list for my trip to the National Archive.

    If anyone has anymore leads or ideas, keep em coming!

    ​Many thanks

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    Just come across this thread.
    308 MU was formed in May 1942 at Bamhrauli (Allahabad) as an Aircraft Storage Unit. It disbanded 11/46. This comes from RAF Flying Training and Support Units Published by Air Britain. Unfortunately that is the sum total of the information therein. As no movements are listed I would expect that this unit stayed in the one place throughout its life as most (but not all) MUs did.
    This unit was just one of over 50 Maintenance Units spread across India looking after everything from aircraft (assembly, storage and repair) to all forms of other equipment used by the RAF including transport and explosives.
    They were part of the very unglamorous logistics tail of the RAF in India / Burma necessary to keep the fighters and bombers on the front line flying.
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