.303-inch reserve amn - how boxed by units?

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    Comes under the heading of I feel I should know but don't.

    In looking back at some stuff I was trying to do on ammunition allocations for units and weapon types I realised I don't know how reserve SAA was physically boxed. The reserve ammunition authorised is detailed in early War Establishments, and does look to be consistent for the 1938-40 period as being in 1000s (1000, 2000, 5000, etc.). Does that indicate it was boxed by the 1000, or down to 500 or 250 rounds per container? A quick perusal of the internet indicates lots of variations of box capacity.


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    My grandad was an RAOC storesman with the 8th Ordnance Beach Detachment & 140 Ordnance Depot.
    Have attached a couple of pages about S.A.A., from his hand written notes that he carried throughout the war, which may help.
    Eric Taylor 10590069 - RAOC Notes - 024.jpg Eric Taylor 10590069 - RAOC Notes - 025.jpg
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    Wow, thank you, that's a bit to go through and looks exactly the kind of thing I was after!


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    Back in 2012 when i created this thread about my grandad http://ww2talk.com/index.php?threads/raoc-bullet-mechanic.40814/
    Wills put a link (in post 5) to scribd which seemed to contain the official document that most of my grandad's notes seems to have been taken from. Sadly the link now seems dead or the document is no longer on scribd.
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    I think I've found some of the figures mentioned in the handwritten notes.

    Text book of ammunition 1936

    This lists packing for SAA and pistols among numerous other subjects. That won't include the weapons deployed after that date. Looks like there was a series of pamphlets issued during the war, including;

    Textbook of ammunition, pamphlet no. 5, small arms ammunition 1944

    I can't find a downloadable copy, it might be worth a try to the IWM who list a copy. I can't find it on Discovery at the Archives.

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  7. Trux

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    Those were the days when most things came in dozens (12) or gross (144).

    I have the highly detailed loading lists for the Beach Group handcarts on D Day. They include:
    288 flares yellow.
    36 rounds 3" smoke.
    684 rounds 2" smoke.
    3248 rounds .303.
    1248 rounds .303 tracer.
    54 rounds .38.
    All in multiples of 12.
    The exception is 9mm of which 2000 is mentioned.


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