30 British General Hospital

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    Does anyone know if I can get my hands on the records for 30 British General Hospital.
    It was based at Reyjavik, Iceland from July 1940 until January 1942.

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    War diary at The National Archives.
    30 Gen. Hosp. | The National Archives

    WO 177/1258
    Description:30 Gen. Hosp.
    Date: 1939 Dec.- 1943 Dec.

    If you can't get there yourself there are a few members on here who will copy it for a reasonable fee.
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    30 British General Hospital
    Kimbolton 1/40 to 7/40 then overseas; Reykjavik (Iceland) 7/40 to 1/42 [says that then to Naburn, but seems like a detachment still in Helgafell]; Helgafell (Iceland) 9/41 to 1/42; Helgafell 1/42 to 6/44 (detachment of hospital); Lille 1/45 to 6/45 then to Tromso; Tromso 6/45 to 8/45 then to U.K. Halston Hall; Halston Hall Camp 8/45 to 11/45 then overseas; Cairo (Helmiah) 12/45 to 31/1/46 and then disbanded.
    Hospitals WW2 - Scarlet Finders
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