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    I am trying to find out more about a Royal Signals casualty which I think may have occurred at 'White City'. He is Signalman AH Templeman 10600919 who died on 11 April 1944. He was buried at Sahmaw and his grave concentrated in to Taukkyan where he now lies.

    The Casualty Report gives his unit as 'Special Force Tng Sigs' but the family have a letter from his officer at the time ( I can't make out the name) who describes that he was fatally injured when the aircraft he was in crashed near the airstrip. The officer signs as i/c 3 (WA) Brigade Signals - but in October 1944.

    According to Redding in 'War in the Wilderness' Brigadier Gillmour of 3 (West African) Brigade, with his 2 i/c Lt Col Degg, took over command of the White City block on 10 April and his Brigade were there for a while. Could Templeman have been part of 3 (WA) Brigade Headquarters which was flown in to White City at that time?

    I have looked for info on aircraft losses/crashes on 11 April 1944 or just before but without any success. Can anyone help with adding detail to Templeman's death?

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    Had a good look through the Nigerian Regiment war diaries for Operation Thursday and cannot find mention of Templeman within these. However, in the 6th Nigerian's war diary for April 12th, there is an entry stating that a Dakota overshot the runway at Aberdeen stronghold and crashed into the paddy field to one side. I do not think this is the incident you are looking for, but it does widen the scope for his place of death.
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    Thanks for looking Steve. I have Carfrae's book and will have a look in that. The date of the crash in the war diary is a day too late as according to the CWGC and the Casualty Report the date of Templeman's death was 11th - but we all know that a day or two out in the circs is not uncommon.

    Is it possible that the 3 (WA) Brigade flew in to Aberdeen and then marched to White City?

    There is a Dakota III loss for 11 April 1944 at Aberdeen - FL540 was 'damaged beyond repair'. Shores has the following info on it: 'At Aberdeen Dakota FL540 of 194 Squadron flown by Fig Off R.G. Mellsop crashed into a hillside north-west of the strip as it was going in to land, and burst into flames. All the crew and 16 army personnel on board were killed, 12 more soldiers being injured, four of them seriously.'
    The crew of Mellsop, Bridges and Scott are all on the Singapore Memorial but there are no others for that date.
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    I'll keep my eyes peeled as I dip into other war diaries. This is the sort of things that might get a mention in another units paperwork.

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