3 Renault light tanks captured by 2 KRRC on 16 April 1945

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    in the book "No triumphant procession" by John Russel is mentioned on page 210 that 2 KRRC captured 3 "Renault light tanks" in the village of SÜDKAMPEN (20 km southeast of VERDEN).

    Are the any known pictures of these tanks and(or the exact type? There were 3 Renault FT 17 at the airfield in ROTENBURG, but I don´t know if they still were there in April 1945. Also possible is that the Renault were from the tank traning ground but there are no evidences for Renault tanks.

    I wonder if there are no pictures made from these 3 tanks.

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    I am asking for the 3 Remault captured in April 1945 in SÜDKAMPEN. Thank you

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    And people are trying to say what these might have been. As all three types shown were used in 2nd line duties and pressed into front line service in the latter days of the war the captured tanks could have been any one of these
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    Thy should have FT-17. There were 4 of them in Luftwaffe security unit at Rotenburg, not far away.

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