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  1. DavidW

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    I understand that when 3RTR arrived in North Africa at the very end of 1940 they had 17x A10 & 28x A13.
    I also understand that they had 52x Honeys by November of 1941.
    But did they receive any reinforcements inbetween times?
  2. Tom Canning

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    Wouldn't be surprised as the Crusader was by that time rolling off the assembly lines at about 50 per week - the only place they were being used was in the desert - and casualties were mounting

  3. bitoque

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    Hello David.
    My notes say Total=6xA10 CS, 18xA10, 28xA13

    Arrived January 1941, but exchanged its A13 with 5RTR, receiving 28 A10.
    Went to Greece with all A10 (6xA10CS, 46xA10) where they were all lost (no losses due to enemy action).

    Not sure when they were re-equipped.
    Probably some cruisers for training, and later received those 52 Honeys.


  4. DavidW

    DavidW Well-Known Member

    That's brilliant info, thank you.

    Do you know when they left for Greece, and when they returned and were re-fitted with the Honeys?
  5. dryan67

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    They left Greece 29 April 1941. They were tankless until joining 4th Armoured Brigade on 31 July 1941. They began to reequip with Stuarts during the 1st week of August 1941.
  6. bitoque

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    Just for reference info taken from Peter Brown article in Military Modelling (Vol.37, no3, 2007), "Reports on Operation - Ad. HQ 1 Armd in Greece" and "The Mediterranean and Middle East - Volume II -The Germans come to the Help of their Ally"

    "The 1st Armoured Brigade was to embark at Raphina that night [26th april]" from the Of.Hist.

    No more relevant info i'm afraid.

    ISTR that the first honey shipment arrived in the ME in July, so probably combat units didn't get them before August.



    PS:just saw the previous post which seems to confirm things :)
  7. DavidW

    DavidW Well-Known Member

    When did they initially leave for Greece?
  8. bitoque

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    When did they initially leave for Greece?

    According to this site:
    The Green Flash - 3RTR History
    "3RTR in the 1st Armoured Brigade Group landed at Piraeus on the 11th March"

    From the Australian Official History:
    "On 5th March, in accordance with the pre-arranged plan, part of the
    1st Armoured Brigade and advanced parties of I Australian Corps, an d
    of the New Zealand and 6th Australian Divisions embarked for Greece
    in the cruisers Gloucester, York and Bonaventure. By 27th March the
    1st Armoured Brigade, all but a few units of the New Zealand Division,
    and one brigade of Australians had landed in Greece ."

    "By 18th March the 1st Armoured Brigade and about half the New
    Zealand Division were in Greece .
    This brigade included the 3rd Royal Tanks (cruiser tanks), 4th Hussars (light tanks), 1/Rangers (infantry), 2nd Royal Horse Artillery, and 102nd Anti-Tank Regt. The 3rd had fifty-two cruisers, the Hussars fifty-two light tanks, the vehicles being in good condition except that, as mentioned, their tracks were somewhat worn." [1st AB HQ Sqd has 7xA13 cruisers]
    [...arrival in Greece...]
    7-9 March (1st Flight)
    102 A-Tk Regt (2 Btys only)
    10-12 March (2nd Flight)
    4 Hussars
    3 Royal Tank Regt
    15-17 March
    2 Royal Horse Arty
    1 /Rangers

    3rd Royal Tanks 289
    102nd R.H.A. 277
    4th Hussars 465
    1/Rangers 198
    2nd R.H.A. 113"


  9. DavidW

    DavidW Well-Known Member


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