3/4th County of London Yeomanry: Sgt Troke, 4 Troop, C Squadron

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    Greetings all, anybody got any info on the3/4th County of London Yeomanry/ I,m particular looking for Sgt Troke 7938835 4th Troop C squadron known to be be in Steinweg Holland Sept.44 in 4 able tank. He was my wife,s father.
    all help very gratefully received .berjay
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    Hello berjay

    3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry was part of 4th Armoured Brigade.

    Engagements fought by the 4th Armoured Brigade in 1944

    On this site you have history of 4th Armoured Brigade for 1944 and there you can find some info about role of 3rd/4th CLY in NWE. I didn't put all text here because it's to long. It looks that 3rd/4th CLY, until 20th September 1944, fought in Belgium around Antwerp and only after that date returned to 4th Armoured Brigade in Holland. Couldn't find any reference about Steinweg.

    Operation Garden - Nijmegen: On 17th September 1944, Operation Market-Garden (the airborne assaults on Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Arnhem) commenced and 44th RTR moved to near Hechtel, coming under command of 30 Corps. They were to link up with 101st US Airborne Division between Son and Veghel on the road from Eindhoven to Nijmegen as part of Operation Garden, the land based part of the whole operation. On the 18th the Brigade, less 3rd/4th CLY and 44th RTR moved to 8 Corps and took over from the Inns of Court Regt the line of the Junction Canal from Lanklaer to Bocholt, on a front of 15 miles. Upon their return to the Brigade on 20th September, 3rd/4th CLY took over the southern section of the front from 2nd KRRC and the 1st Belgian Brigade took over from Bree northwards. By this time the Brigade had cleared all the enemy from the west bank of the canal.

    The Arnhem operation had started on 17th September and 44th RTR began to move forward on the 19th. 'C' Squadron made first contact with the enemy on the 20th and the rest of the regiment joined the battle later the same morning. However, by later that day 44th RTR had linked up with 101 US Airborne Division and there was then a strenuous fight to keep the main road open. On 21st, 44th RTR advanced toward St Oeclenrode and continued a fighting advance all that day, There was stiff opposition around Schinydel and Veghel and by the 22nd the enemy succeeded in cutting the road north of Veghel. However, 44th RTR successfully organised a counter-attack and the road was open again early on the 24th. The Germans counter attacked again on the 25th and the road was cut again south of Veghel, but again 44th RTR cleared it. The Germans never succeeded in reaching the road again, after the regiment had managed to join up with the Guards Armoured Div previously on 23rd September and forced the enemy to retire. However, the Germans remained quite close to the road for a long time and the 44th RTR's anxieties were by no means over. The advance continued with a lot of fighting until the 26th when the line was established south of the Veghal to Boxtel railway. The regiment now withdrew for a rest and refit to the village of Volkel.

    On 26th September, having handed over our front to the Royals, the Brigade took over from 8th Infantry Brigade of 3rd British Division the area of Weert, a front of 12 miles along the Bois le Duc and Wessem Canals. Here they were faced by German parachute troops whose enterprising and aggressive patrols kept the Brigade busy every night. On 3rd October the Scots Greys were relieved by 4th Bn. Grenadier Guards (Armoured) and moved up to Nijmegen coming under command 30 Corps for the support of 101st US Airborne Division on an area know as 'The Island', while 44th RTR concentrated at Volkel for a few days' sorely needed maintenance. On the 6th October the Grenadiers left the Brigade without any relief, and this left 3rd/4th CLY and 2nd KRRC to hold the entire front until we they relieved by elements of 7th US Armoured Division on 8th October. The following day the brigade moved up to west of Nijmegen to join the Scots Greys under command of 12 Corps, who had relieved 30 Corps. Next day 3rd/4th CLY crossed Nijmegen bridge to join 53rd (Welsh) Division and 44th RTR moved up to join 50th (Northumberland) Division, while the Scots Greys remained with 101st US Airborne Division. On 13th October, the Brigade also took over from 157th Infantry Brigade the area between the Lower Rhine and the Maas, west of the Reichswald, with 61st Recce Regt and the Royal Netherlands Brigade coming under its command. 2nd KRRC manned the south bank of the Lower Rhine on the left flank of 101st US Airborne Division, who were on the far side. This state of affairs lasted until the night of 17th October when the whole brigade were relieved by 8th Armoured Brigade.

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    Well thankyou so much Sol for all the infomation on the wifes fathers, regiment. We have being trying to catch up with him for some considerable time now( Its one of those "family" things!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe time will iron out all the bumps in the past? In the meantime with help from people such as yourself we will get there .
    Once again thankyou from Bernard and Jayne
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    The Sharpshooters have a website with war diaries (3/4 CLY is a continuation of 3 CLY). Also worth having a look at their shop as they do a reprint of the regimental history for a reasonable price (as regimental histories go...)
    Good hunting!
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    Hi Idler, been in touch, as per your sugestions,found the WarDiaries of the 3/4th very entertaining, I have e,mailed their site to see if they can help in any way with our search
    once again , very many thanks for you help
    Best Regards Jayne and Bernard
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    Did you receive my message of today ?
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    Hi, I was a member of C Sqadron The Royal Yeomanry, which was the TA regiment that the 3/4 CLY became after 1961, they have there regimental museum at Heaver Castle in Kent, which if you get the chance is worth a visit.
    The Sharpshhooters are still going and are based in Croydon, Surrey, they have a strong old comrades association which may be worth a visit online. Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry Museum Enquiries by e-mail ksymuseum@aol.com
    All the best
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    I was looking for any information on my uncle Trooper John Cotton.
    He served in the 3/4 CLY, but I know very little about any details.


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    Sry to use this thread but it need help.

    i'm looking for more informations about the following tank crew.

    Winfield A H 7935875, 4th county of london yeomanry

    He was part of 217 men (killed, wounded, missing or taken prisoner). during the fighting against Wittman on the 13th June 44 at Villers Bocage. He was at firs MIA, then reported POW.

    Is anyone be able to help me on finding out which squadron he was in etc...

    Tku in advance
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    There are a multitude of threads here on Wittman and I suggest you check through those as a starting point.

    Have you applied for your subject's service records? That is the definitive personal record, even if it currently takes ages to get them back.

    See: Request records of deceased service personnel Upload the records here once you've obtained them and then the forum can get to work on them. Please do not pay for any site on the internet who promise you his service records they will not have them, and you would have wasted your money.

    In 2010-12 there was a museum and old comrades group that could help (See Posts 4 & 7) and in Post 9 a FB group.

    I expect others immersed in Normandy might be able to help.

    A separate thread might help too, which will give your research its own place and attract attention. Ask a Moderator to help create that.
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    Just realised there are many threads here on Villers Bocage and could your subject be in the photos on: villers-bocage5eng
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    Tku for you comm. I really appreciate and do apologize for the inconvenient.

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