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    Hi all researching a chap by the name of Bill Munro a guardsman in the 2nd Scots Guards who was taken prisoner at Gazala in 1942 and ended up in Stalag XVIIIa for the rest of the war.

    I have his medals and I'm trying to gather all formation/brigade/divisional uniform badges to pair with them for his Grandson.

    I already have
    8th Army patch
    XXX Corps patch
    Scots Guard Yellow and Blue should title.

    What others can I get that would have been worn or he be a part of between 1939 and 1942 when he was captured

    Thanks in advance

    Dan Morris
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    According to The Scots Guards 1919-1955, David Erskine; Appendix FII, page 592:

    The declaration of war in 1939 found the SECOND BATTALION of the Regiment in Egypt dressed equally well for peace or war in khaki drill. At home, as in 1914, all forms of Full Dress clothing were handed into store and the Regiment prepared for active service in Service Dress, which was almost immediately replaced by the new Battledress. Throughout the war, Officers, Warrant Officers, the Regimental Band, Pipers, Drummers and individual Other Ranks continued to wear Service Dress on appropriate occasions.

    Cloth shoulder titles, which had been worn during the First World War and which had been authorised for wear with Service Dress in 1936 but never used, gradually made their appearance in 1939. On mobilisation, however, these blue and gold shoulder titles were scarce and for some time the white metal thistles and brass "SG" which had been worn between the wars on Other Ranks Service Dress were used on Battledress. At one time pieces of khaki cloth designed to slip over the shoulder straps, embroidered with the letters "SG" in black, were also issued but were most unpopular and seldom worn. Polished buttons and badges of rank continued to be worn on Service Dress, but officers were ordered to wear bronze badges of rank on Battledress. Battalion did not adopt the First War practice of wearing numerals on their sleeves and after a Regimental Order dated 11th November 1940 had said "All Officers of the Regiment will now wear a patch of Royal Stuart Tartan on the side of the S.D. Cap", there was no way of telling to which battalion an Officer or Other Rank belonged unless he was in Battledress and wearing a formation sign.

    Throughout the war individual Scots Guardsmen wore on their sleeves almost every formation sign in the British Army. Signs worn by battalions or by Independent Companies of the Regiment were, however, few, and the list is as follows.

    24th Guards Brigade
    1st Division
    6th South African Armoured Division
    56th (London) Division

    Never wore a sign until they joined the Guards Armoured Division in February 1945

    Guards Armoured Division
    15th Scottish Division
    2nd Army
    6th Guards Tank Brigade

    32nd Guards Brigade
    Guards Armoured Division

    6th Armoured Division

    Guards Armoured Division
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    From Orders of Battle, 1939-1945, Lt. Col. HF Joslen:

    Details of dates and formations under which 2nd Battalion SCOTS GUARDS served 1939 - 1942

    30/09/1939 - 02/10/1939
    29th Infantry Brigade (Egypt)
    under Higher Formation:
    HQ BTE 30/09/1939 - 02/10/1939

    03/10/1939 - 18/03/1940
    22nd Infantry Brigade (Egypt)
    under Higher Formations:
    HQ 7th Infantry Division 3/09/2939 - 02/11/1939
    6th Infantry Division 03/11/1939 - 13/03/1940

    19/03/1940 - 18/05/1940
    18th Infantry Brigade (Egypt)
    under Higher Formation:
    HQ BTE 03/09/1939 - 18/05/1940

    as at 30/06/1940
    In the Delta, Cairo Base Sub Area

    as at 31/01/1941
    In the Delta, Cairo Base Sub-Area

    28/02/1941 - 01/10/1941
    22nd Guards Infantry Brigade (Egypt)
    under Higher Formations:
    6th Infantry Division 17/02/1941 - 06/04/1941
    HQ WDF 11/04/1941 - 05/06/1941
    7th Armoured Division 06/06/1941 - 08/06/1941
    4th Indian Infantry Division 08/06/1941 - 02/07/1941
    HQ WDF 03/07/1941 - 31/08/1941
    4th Indian Infantry Division 01/09/1941 - 12/11/1941

    14/12/1941 - 14/06/1942
    22nd Guards Infantry Brigade (Libya)
    under Higher Formations:
    13 Corps 14/12/1941 - 05/01/1942
    1st Armoured Division 05/01/1942 - 14/06/1942

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