2nd Polish Army, Carpathians

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    Hi All, i'm new today.
    I have some requests for info too, about my father. Is their a section for 2nd Polish Army, Carpathians? I have some photos, which i can add at some point as i have to find them, and my fathers cigarette case, with the badges he had etc.
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    Hi Kryz

    Perhaps start a thread in this section - Poland

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    Just for correctness, the Second Polish Army was in fact called the Second Polish Corps - which is abbreviated to II (PO) Corps. It fought in Italy from Dec 43 to May 45 and consisted of two Infantry Divisions and an Armourded Brigade. The Infantry Divisions were the 3rd Carpathian Infantry Division and the 5th Kersowa Infantry Division.

    I was in the Polish Cemetery in Cassino on Friday surrounded by loads of old boys from the 3rd Carpathian Infantry Division.


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