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    Bought an IGS 1936 - 39 medal with 2 clasps to 5881216 Pte LCR Sutton 2nd Northants in Jan 2011.

    Recently sent off for his service Papers and a brief description of his service is as follows..........

    1928 Joined 2nd Northants as 16 yr old Muscician
    1935- 38 India
    May 1939 Discharged at own request recalled 15 Aug 1939
    Oct 39 - Jun 40 BEF France (Dunkirk)
    Posted to C Coy 1941
    Mar to Jul 1942 Madagascar and South Africa (inc. POW Escorts)
    Jul 42 - feb 43 India/ Iraq
    Feb 43 - Jun 43 Middle East/ Syria
    jun 43 - jun 44 Sicily/ Italy (WIA GSW head 11 jul 43)
    jun 44 - mar 45 MEF
    Mar 45 - Nov 45 NWE BOAR then discharged on arrival in uk

    1. What did the Regt do in France and at Dunkirk?
    2. Madagascar
    3. Does anyone have the war diary for Sicily Landings - especially 11 July 43 when he was WIA?
    4. What did Regt do in Italy?
    5. Did they see action in Europe Mar/ Apr 45 and where were they based BOAR?

    Thanks in advance for any info

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    There's also a regimental history but it's quite rare and expensive - Over a £100 for a copy.

    I've got some of the units war diaries at home so I'll be able to tell you when they went to France and then left again in 1940.

  4. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Can help with locations post 8 May 45

    2nd Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment
    17th Infantry Brigade of 5th Infantry Division

    May 45 – Lübeck area – to Wietow south-east of Wismar
    Jun 45 – to Schwerin south of Wismar – to Calbe south-east of Magdeburg – to Barby south of Magdeburg – to Göttingen south of Hannover until Mar 47

    Best of luck with your research
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    As the result of a family connection, I have a lot of information on the 58th. However, they were in the UK during the 1930s so it would seem that he was originally with 1st Battalion (The 48th) and joined the 2nd Battalion when he was recalled to the colours.

    The regiment tool quite a pasting in the 1940 campaign and were much-travelled but apart from Madagascar didn't see action again until Sicily. They were involved on the Garigliano crossing and did a stint in the horrors of the Anzio bridgehead.

    Both the regimental histories (Wallis and Jervois) give quite a lot of detail on Priolo which seems to have been quite a confused encounter. 'C' Company lost two platoon commanders in the attack. I'll try to scan some pages for you.
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    I have a lot of detail on 2 NORTHANTS at the crossing of the Garigliano on 17 Jan 44.



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