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    Following information gained from here so far and you very knowledgable chaps out there:_

    Could you shed any light on the 2nd Leicesters, particularly with regards to the 2nd Burma Campaign.

    I have found out some information (as posted in a previous thread), but the more info that I have the better.

    The 16th Brigade seems to have a lot less written about it than most of the others?

    Your help and knowledge would be much appreciated.
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    133678 W/S Captain Oliver Parry LLEWELLYN, R.A.M.C. attached 2/Leicesters
    16 Infantry Brigade, 3rd Indian Division

    On 25th March 1944 part of the column to which this officer belonged, when operating in enemy-occupied BURMA, encountered a strong force of the enemy near AUKTAW village. During the course of the action our troops suffered a certain number of casualties. Captain LLEWELLYN quickly established an aid post and for some hours moved about under effective fire from the enemy attending the wounded.

    During the period 26-29 March 1944 when his column was in continual contact with the enemy about INWA, near INDAW, Captain LLEWELLYN again established his aid post early in the action and throughout it displayed great gallantry and skill in bringing in the wounded and attending to them. During these four days the enemy launched frequent counter-attacks and our positions were constantly under light automatic and mortar fire.

    Captain LLEWELLYN himself was suffering from a severe attack of fever. But he allowed nothing to interfere with his attention to the wounded.
    During the whole of the approach march and the subsequent operations he was untiring in his work for the sick and wounded. His skill, devotion to duty and disregard of danger inspired the greatest confidence in all ranks.


    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details

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    Well you can try to find Bernard Fergusson's "The Wild Green Earth", his account about 16th Infantry Brigade. In "The Royal Leicestershire Regiment 17th Foot: A History of the Years 1928 to 1956" you have a detailed story about 2nd Leicesters. Also in Philip Chinnery's "March or Die" you can find some details about there action araund Indaw Lake.
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    I have a copy of the book by BE Fergusson, my Great Grandfather is mentioned in it. Not by name but certainly a reference to the award of a DCM to one of his sergeants
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    Hi Eddie,

    I came across this reference on the NA today about Brigadier Wilkinson and some of his maps and papers from 1944. See if this link takes you to it? There is a museum or records office for the county's military history by the looks of things.


    <H3>Maps of Burma, used by Brigadier C. J. Wilkinson D.S.O., whilst commanding the 2...

    [Leicestershire & Rutland, ROYAL LEICESTERSHIRE...] Date: 1944.
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    I have managed to get the recce map around the Indaw Lake (I had it scanned and emailed to me) and I think the maps are the ones I'm after, D92 series. These are the ones held at NA in the War Diary. I think I'll need to visit and see if they can provide a digital scan for me of the whole map. It may cost a few pennies but worth it.

    I've got an Uncle who lives up North and he maybe visiting the Records office for me when I've given him all the references that I can.

    Thanks for your pointers.
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    I'm guessing this is him down in the bottom right hand corner.

    It's not a big guess as he is named in the Leicesters' history on p197 (Capt Llewellyn being mentioned on p196).

    Edit: old news, missed the earlier thread.

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