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  1. buggsy

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    Hello everyone. I am doing some research on the 2nd. Fife and Forfar and the 1st Herefordshire Light Infantry. I am specifically interested in their participation in the battle for Asten Holland around 20-23 September 1944. I have looked through the war diaries that were offered on the web site and was wondering if anyone has the After Action Reports for that Battle. It could also be known as the battle for or around sluis 11. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have also attached a photo that was taken in Asten Holland at that time and was looking for some help in identifying the unit and possibly any of the men.
    Buggsy 2nd. Fife and Forfar.png
  2. 8RB

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    Great photo! For identifying unit, could you zoom in a bit on cap badges or any shoulder titles that are visible. Also, if you would like me to, I could see what I can find about Asten in "The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 1919-1956". Please let me know. I understand you do have got the War Diary? So no need to check that?

    Cheers, Ronald.
  3. JDKR

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    Buggsy - During its existence the Hereford's title flip-flopped between the 'Herefordshire Regiment' and the 'Herefordshire Light Infantry'. However, during the war it was the 'Herefordshire Regiment'. For more details visit: History

  4. buggsy

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    Thanks Ronald. I would appreciate any information in regards to the battle around and for Asten. I will try and zoom in on the uniform insignia. If I can get a clear cut out I will attach them in another post. I believe the photo was taken behind the Pastors house in Asten if that helps at all. thanks again for your help. Buggsy
  5. buggsy

    buggsy Junior Member

    Thanks John for your reply and the history information. Buggsy
  6. SDP

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    Cap badges look too tall and narrow to be the Herefords: Royal Signals perhaps?

    As already requested, is a closer scan available?
  7. 8RB

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    Not very much I am afraid...

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  8. Owen

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    WW2 era Sigs badges were oval.
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  9. buggsy

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    Thanks Ronald for the information and taking the time to look it up for me. I agree the badge doesn't fit the shape. I have tried to zoom in on the photo but am having little luck. The closest unit I can come up with so far is the 23rd. Hussars. They had a triangle shaped badge and were in the Asten area at the time. I will have to keep digging.

    Any other additional information about what units liberated Asten and Heusden would be appreciated. I am trying to put together a day by day account of troop movements between September 20-29, 1944.

    Thanks everyone you all have been very helpful.
  10. buggsy

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    I'm posting the best cut out of the badge that I can make. It isn't very clear but maybe of some use to those that are more familiar with these units then I am.

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  11. JimHerriot

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    Good day buggsy, apologies in advance for another request re the photo at start of thread, please could you scan or even photograph the photograph if you have it to hand. In particular the two chaps middle row, fourth (spectacle wearing Sgt) and fifth (officer) from the right.

    The Sergeant looks to have an identifying unit/arm of service badge above his stripes. This will help narrow down the possibilities.

    Many thanks for your time and effort in posting.

    Kind regards, always,

  12. AB64

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    Could it be Northumberland Hussars? badge is similar and they seem to have worn a white lanyard (being RA at that point)
  13. buggsy

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    Thanks for the replies.
    I will work on the shoulder patch photo and see what I can come up with.

    I'm not sure if the Northumberland Hussars were in the vaccinity of Asten and Heusden at that time so I'll have to look into that. On 23 Sept. the 23rd. Hussars passed through Asten and had captured Deurne by the 24th. so it may be possible.
  14. 8RB

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    Personally I do not think it's a 23rd Hussars badge. Maybe RHA? They were also part of 11AD.

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  15. buggsy

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    Here are the new photo's I cropped. I'm not sure if they will be useful or not but here goes
    sleeve patch cropped.jpg sleeve patch adjusted.jpg
  16. gpjeuken

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    The 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, 23rd Hussars, and 2nd Fife and Forfarshire were units equipped with Sherman tanks. The 15/19th Hussars were the reconnaissance unit of the division; the others belonged to the infantry.

    This is copied from Traces of wars, sluis 11 Asten.
    Regards, Gerard.
  17. buggsy

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    Thanks everyone for your help with this photo as always you have jumped right in there and tried to solve a puzzle for someone. I appreciate the time you have taken and your input. Many thanks. I looks like unless I can find some additional information about this photo I won't be able to definitely identify the unit. Thanks again, Buggsy
  18. amberdog45

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    I can't view it, but in the newspaper archive on FMP, The Sphere 14 Oct 1944 there's an article on pages 21 & 22 with a photograph.

    The Battle of the Bridges....miles from the German border, thus extending the supply corridor to a width of 20 miles. During the advance the village of Asten was taken. Here a soldier, shielded by a house in the village, cautiously watches as a carrier goes up in flames after being hit...
  19. buggsy

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    I'm sorry Amberdog45 but I can not find this article. Can you supply a link to it please.
  20. buggsy

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    My problem has been solved. A friend of ours in the Netherlands has found this photo in a book over there that identifies the unit. I am posting the photo and a photo of the badge for all to see. I am surprised that the Order of Battle for the 11AD doesn't list this unit. Any thought on that from anyone?

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