2nd fife and forfar yeomanry 1944

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    I'm trying to trace any detail of my grandfather frederick James cornwall,
    Sergeant 319207.
    He died on September 24th 1944, hes listed as missing in action after a tank battle in I believe is market garden.
    I'm not sure how to progress this search as information is very limited.
    I just wondered if any one can point me in the right direction.
    Many thanks
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    The War Diaries of the 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry are here.
    The entry for 24th September says two tanks from the leading squadron were knocked out between Deurne and Brackel. There is a map here OpenStreetMap
    The Commonwealth War Graves Commission records six men from the unit who died on 24th September. Two including your grandfather have no known grave and are recorded on the Grosbeek Memorial for the Missing. He was a 25 year old sergeant and probably a tank commander.
    The war dead are here.

    The others who died on the on the 24th September are all buried in Nederweert War Cemetery.
    There are 363 burials in Nederweert, of which 362 are identified. Your grandfather might be the body the unidentified grave, but his body might have been entirely destroyed or unidentifiable. Often the bodies of tank crew too badly burned to be identified were interred in a common grave under a headstone with the names of the dead. Maybe the circumstances in this case were such that no remains were found.

    There might be more information in the Regimental history. The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, 1919-1956
    author: Sellar, R., Published by Blackwood, Edinburgh (1960)

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    Thank you so much for this, from what I had researched I knew he was probably missing,but could not find anything else to substantiate the information.
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    thankyou for your help.i have not much information as my dad never knew his dad or his dads family so it is quite difficult.
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    Sorry to keep posting this admin but it is for charity ;)

    I've got a copy of the 1944 regimental diary inc all the appendices. If you'd like to donate my fee to my sons charity I'll send you a copy.

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    He enlisted early:

    1939 REGISTER
    33 Marlborough Street, Andover M.B., Hampshire
    Name - DOB - Occupation - Marital status
    Frederick J Cornwall - 02 Jan 1919 - Army Corporal - Married
    Rose V Cornwall - 01 Oct 1919 - Unpaid Domestic Duties - Married
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    Brilliant thank you.

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