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    Several people were wanting the book Ubique by AM Cheetham there are several used copies now on Amazon.
    Don't get confused with other books of the same title this is it: Ubique Paperback – 1 Nov 1987
    by A.M. Cheetham (Author) Prices vary if you have read Eyes and ears you will find it interesting but if you cant get Eyes and ears this was its predecessor that Dickie Whitfield used as a model. They fought alongside each other from Tunisia to Italy and share OP's on Monte Grande.
    Someone might want to move this thread as I didn't know where to post it.
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    Uncle Target Taking a break not sure if I will be back

    Cant be seen to be biased, there are half a dozen companies involved. Whoever you buy it from I don't think you will be disappointed. Arthur Cheetham MC was more technical than Dickie Whitfield he was an Oxford Graduate. Dickie writes bout his mates.. They are chalk and cheese but both tell an interesting story from different perspectives. Having been in close proximity but in different Regiments. 2FR were Regulars and the senior Regiment 67th were TA and junior with 19th FR a Regular Regiment in between. Arthur had a great respect for the 67th and both 2nd and 19th were happy to take in any of the 67th who wanted to stay on after the war when their Regiment was placed in suspended animation.
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