2nd Dorsets - 'Straight on for Tokyo'

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    I would be most grateful if anyone with a copy of the 2nd Dorsets' history 'Straight on for Tokyo' could share with me some photos from the book. In particular, I would be interested to see the photos of officers of 2nd Bn, the Dorsetshire Regiment and 5th Infantry Brigade. According to the table of contents, there should be a photo of officers in April 1942, as well as photos of two commanders of the battalion and commanders of 5th Infantry Brigade, and a photo of Lt-Col OGW White. The first part of the book can be found on www.archive.org, but unfortunately only runs to page 55, at which point pages from other books are shown (in error), so do not get to the photos.

    Any help appreciated!
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    Steve, thank you very much indeed!

    Can you possibly also share the photos of the officers of 2nd Dorsets in April 1942 and the photo of two commanders of the battalion? If you can this would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards

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    This is great, thank you Steve!
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