2nd Devonshires in Normandy

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    I am trying to track down where a relative was killed during the Normandy campaign. he was 5629476 Corporal Douglas Reed, serving in the 2nd Devonshire Regiment and he was killed on the 22nd June 1944. he is buried at the Bayeux War Cementry.
    According to The Museum they fought at Ryes, Longues, La Belle Epine (near Trungy) at Hottot at Le Lion Vert and at Les Forges but there are no dates for these actions.
    Any information would be gratefully received.
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    His CWGC concentration form shows him initially buried at Lingevres



    Possibly the grid co ordinates are
    Latitude : 49° 10' 36'' N
    Longitude : 0° 39' 33'' W

    Latitude : 49.17678°
    Longitude : -0.65911°
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    Thanks Owen for the link. Should have looked before I posted.
    Many Thanks TD the co-ordinates you give below are they for the original burial site. How do you come up with two sets of co-ordinates?
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    The co ordinates are the same just that one set is decimal

    The column heading states the purpose of the column - Previous Location of Grave Place & Map Ref - this was where he was buried prior to being as they say 'concentrated' in Bayuex, and is very likely very close to where he was killed

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    Many many thanks TD

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