2nd Btn King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 1941/42

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    2nd Lt. A.A. Wilson.

    64620 Captain Anthony Andrew Wilson. Commissioned 31st January 1935. Previously with 1st battalion. Maymyo 1936/37. Killed in Action 30th March 1942 near Magwe. Commemorated on the Rangoon Memorial.
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    Lt. G.N. Stanton.

    63402 2nd Lt. Geoffrey Nelson Stanton. Commissioned 27th August 1936. No mention in J Heald's roll.
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    2nd Lt. G.B. Quiney.

    63911 2nd Lt. George Baker Quiney. Commissioned 1st December 1934 into K.S.L.I. Supplementary Reserve from Tonbridge School, contingent Junior Division. O.T.C. Transferred to K.O.Y.L.I.. No mention in J. Heald's roll.
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    Lt. N.S. Pope.

    53760 Lieut. Nicholas Sinclair Pope. Commissioned 1st September 1935. Captain 1st September 1940. Gold Medallist Battalion Athletics. D.S.O. O.B.E. Born:15th July 1912. Died 1983.
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    Capt. E.S. Master.

    Captain Edward Streynsham Master. O.C. "B" Coy. Lt. 20th August 1920. Adjutant 1st December 1926. Captain 16th January 1930. Born 1st April 1900, York. Died 1963, York.
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    Senior Major H.B. Hibbert.

    10488. Major Hugh Brownlow Hibbert. Served as 2nd Lt. 2nd Btn, KOYLI during the Great War. To France 16/08/1914. PoW 10th September 1914 along with T.H. Butt. Interned in Holland 22nd January 1918. Repatriated 18th November 1918. Major 24th October 1930. O.C. "H.Q." Wing, Maymyo 1936/37. D.S.O. L.G. 6th August 1940. M.I.D. L.G. 20/12/1940. Lt.Col. (Temp Brig.) Acting Maj-Gen. H.B. Hibbert. D.S.O. (10488). To be Temp Maj-Gen and W.S. Col. 30th May 1943.
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    Lt.-Col T.B. Butt.

    As above.
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    Lt. and Adjutant. M.W. Roberts.
    38529 Lieut. Michael Wace Roberts. Commissioned 2nd Lt. 1st September 1927. Lieut. 1st September 1930. Married Miss Brenda Haggie at the Garrison Church, Maymyo, 7th January, 1937.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Wace Roberts. Unit : Headquarters, 6th Airborne Division.
    Army No. : 38529. Awards : Distinguished Service Order

    Lieutenant-Colonel Roberts commanded the 2nd Battalion The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry in Normandy. In the reorganisation which followed, he was made Chief of Staff at Divisional Headquarters. For his conduct in these roles he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order:

    "Lieutenant-Colonel Roberts commanded a battalion in this division in Normandy and was GSO 1 (Operations) from September 1944 to May 1945.
    In both appointments he performed very gallant and distinguished services. As a battalion commander he showed a fine example during the long weeks of hard and costly fighting which followed the landing in Normandy. His battalion was always in good heart, and in spite of heavy casualties rose splendidly to the occasion when the moment came to advance.
    After becoming GSO 1 of this division, the various operations projected or executed naturally brought him great responsibility and arduous labour. Lieutenant-Colonel Roberts never spared himself. He was particularly successful in organising the move of the division to Belgium in December in extremely difficult circumstances. The successful completion of the planning for the crossing of the Rhine was largely due to his devoted efforts.
    In the actual operation Lieutenant-Colonel Roberts showed outstanding gallantry. After a hazardous landing, he showed great determination in setting up and maintaining Divisional Headquarters in the face of the enemy. His services on that day and in the long advance which followed were carried out without thought for his personal safety and were of the very greatest value to me (Major-General Bols) and the division". Source The Pegasus Archive.

    He later went on to gain an O.B.E. for service in Malaya, L.G. 30th October 1953.

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    Captain C.J. Keegan

    124 Lt-Col Christopher Joseph Keegan. "Jack". Commissioned 2nd Lt. Royal Munster Fusiliers. Maymyo 1936/37. O.C. 2/K.O.Y.L.I. during 1942 Burma Campaign. Wounded Sittang, 23rd February 1942. DSO L.G. 28th October 1942.
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    Capt. Hon. P. Hotham.

    30868 Capt Hon. Peter Hotham. O.C. "C" Coy. Lt. 3rd February 1933. Captain 28th March 1936.
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    Lt. G.R.A. Vallance.

    40678 Lieut. Guy Richardson Aymer Vallance. Lt. 30th August 1931. Played Polo for the KOYRIFs Polo Team. Major 30th August 1945. Race horse trainer after leaving the army. Died 1983, Devizes, Wiltshire.
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    Captain A.F.S. Douglass. M.C. "S" Company. (Not in group photograph).

    20310 Captain Alexander Frederick Sholto Douglass. Served with 1st battalion K.O.Y.L.I. during the latter two months of the Great War disembarking in France 14th September 1918. M.C., G.S.M. with clasp, Iraq.

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    Lieut. S. R. Fox.

    58170 2nd Lt. Stephen Richard Fox. Commissioned 2nd February 1933. Maymyo 1936/37. Transferred to the 1st battalion K.O.Y.L.I.. Killed in Action 26th April 1940, Norway.
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    Lt. J.E.A. Mabberly.
    Lieut. John Edward Astley Mabberly. Commissioned 2nd Lieut. Somerset Light Infantry 2nd May 1928 from Blundell's School Contingent, Junior Division. O.T.C. Lieut. 29th August 1933. Captain14th November 1938. Transferred to the Indian Army.
    Best man at Lieut. Michael Wace Roberts's wedding.
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    R.S.M. M. Phillips

    104934 Lt Melville Phillips. Quarter Master, 'Taffy'. Commissioned from R.S.M. 25th October 1939. Died of a Heart attack at Yin Chaung, 19th April 1942. Commemorated Rangoon Memorial.

    Amongst the tragic losses at Yin Chaung was Lieutenant Quartermaster, Taffy Phillips. He had chased every possible avenue for food, ammunition, and clothing, winning the esteem of all. Halfway across the expanse, Taffy collapsed and died of a massive heart attack. There was no possibility of help, and he remained in the sandy vastness. All regretted the tremendous loss of a man lacking nothing in courage, particularly when it came to dealing with dithering superiors.

    No Mandalay, No Maymyo. Captain Gerald Fitzpatrick. Page 160.

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    I have found a W/S Lt. Denis MacKellar Chadwick, (74720), serving in the K.O.Y.L.I. who might be your man. Commissioned 16/03/1938. W.S. Lt. 08/11/1940.
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    The second source of names for those who took part in the 1942 Burma Campaign comes from the two chapters of the Regimental History that cover the Japanese invasion and retreat. It is neither a particularly good nor reliable source. No battalion War Diary was kept during the campaign and the relevant section of the regimental history was compiled by the senior officers including Major Chadwick, who was invalided back to Maymyo suffering from Malaria whilst at Takaw before the Japanese invasion. He did not rejoin the battalion until the 17th March 1942 at Yenangyaung, having completely missed the early fighting including the debacle at the Sittang River. The first chapter mentions quite a few names, mainly senior officers, but does make anecdotal mention of several other ranks.
    A draft of 19 officers joined the battalion at Hlegu on the 5th March, 8 were sent to Brigade and 11 remained with the battalion and bore the brunt of the leadership duties for the remainder of the campaign. Only four of these officers are mentioned in the regimental history, one as being killed two days after joining the battalion, one for leading a platoon and one as being the Intelligence Officer. The remaining 15 were apparently not consulted about their experiences when it was compiled. The second chapter is accordingly, very sparse regarding named individuals.
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    "Major Pip Moran, of the 'Dukes', was a based in a fresh looking bomb crater, sited within a rubber plantation, and he was acting adjutant of the composite battalions. Calling forward the two senior members pf the draft, Allan Ibbotson, a Lieutenant, and myself, the senior second Lieutenant, he explained the predicament resulting from the destruction of the Sittang Bridge, and the arrangements for mustering survivors. Pip Moran went straight to the point.
    'There is no room here for anybody with doubts. I don't mind how senior or how junior anybody is, I want officers placed in jobs they can do. I want your help in selecting those men you feel to be experienced enough to stay here with the active units, and those you think should go back to division and brigade.'

    Not one member of the draft had enough experience to relate to the conditions of the men and equipment around them; it was a matter of rough judgement, taking into account their ages and length of commissioned service. I was amazed when Ibbotson declared himself a non-fighting man, and not in a position to assess the squad capabilities. Ibbotson was an entomologist. I remain convinced that he travelled out to 'the peace station' and was allocated a military disguise in order to participate in a butterfly expedition. Seniority was mandatory, my authority came through my rank number, 160575; others were later. My assessment was based on my observations whilst in transit, and I nominated:

    Battalion: Gerald Fitzpatrick, Andrew McLaren Young, Robert 'Bob' E. O. Rimmer, leslie P. Wise, John A. Welbourne, V.L. 'Steve' Stevens, Douglas C. 'Dougie' Haigh, Arthur E Watts, James W 'Jimmy' Ableson, Douglas V. Oakley.

    Brigade/Division. Allan Ibbotson, Stuart S Renton, E.H. 'Tim' Watson, Allan Whittaker, William 'Bill' McKillop, William Lauder Riddle, George 'Chotta' Lawrence." Patrick Fitzgerald. No Mandalay, No Maymyo, 79 Survive. Page 95-96.

    The draft of 19 officers who joined the battalion at Hlegu on the 5th March 1942, with dates of seniority.

    121211 2/Lt Ibbotson. Alan 25/02/1940. Sent to Brigade
    160575 2/Lt Fitzpatrick. Gerald 07/12/1940. Mortar Officer
    160952 2/Lt Young. Andrew Mclaren 14/12/1940.
    172347 2/Lt Renton. Stuart Senior 15/02/1941. Sent to Brigade
    172348 2/Lt Rimmer. Robert Eustace Oldfield 15/02/1941.
    180278 2/Lt Wise. Leslie Podmore 29/03/1941.
    186236 2/Lt Marsh. James 10/05/1941.
    187116 2/Lt Wellborne. John Amory 15/05/1941. Led charge at Toksan. Later 2nd South Lancashire Regt.
    197269 2/Lt Stevens. Victor Leslie 12/07/1941.
    198242 2/Lt Hague. Douglas C 26/07/1941. Animal Officer
    200942 2/Lt Watts. Arthur Edward 09/08/1941. Intelligenge Officer
    201483 2/ Lt Ableson. James William 16/08/1941. KiA 08/03/1942. Hwambe Road Block. 77920
    203899 2/Lt Oakley Bernard Vincent "Doug"? 16/09/1941. Transport Officer
    2/Lt Whitaker Alan. Sent to Brigade
    207823 2/Lt McKillop James Ewing 27/09/1941. Sent to Brigade
    207822 2/Lt Riddel William Lauder 27/09/1941. Sent to Brigade. Att 10/Glosters. Died 27/05/1945. Liddel in Army List.
    217786 2/Lt Lawrence George Edward. "Chota". 22/11/1941. Sent to Brigade
    224680 2/Lt Watson John Thomas 31/01/1942. Sent to Brigade.
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    A list of the officers serving with the 2nd battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry serving in the 1942 Burma Campaign who are mentioned in the Regimental History.

    8850 Major Becher. Adrian William Bay M.C. Major 15/01/1932. Lt-Col 24/04/1939. Netheravon Wing, Small Arms School 04/04/1935 -04/04/1938
    95506 T/Capt. Howden. Rupert Alastair Brian Amara 3" Mortar section. Leg amputated Sittang. CL. Wounded. Dangerously ill 27/02/1942
    66557 Lt Wilson. J.T.A. MID. L.G. 28/10/1942.
    124 Lt-Col Keegan. Christopher Joseph. "Jack" Maymyo 1936/37. Wounded Sittang 23/02/1942. DSO L.G. 28/10/1942.
    30821 Major Chadwick. Geoffrey Turner 2nd in Command. Evacuated with malaria. Rejoined 17/03/1942 Yenangyaung. O.B.E. L.G. 28/10/1942
    99824 C Coy Capt. Green. Henry Morris. Recently promoted from subaltern. NMNM P. 120, 129 Evacuated sick from Mount Popa.
    Major Clarke. RAMC. Medical Officer
    103021 Capt Fox. Charles Alexander Suffered Polio attack, left in charge of the sick and wives & children at Regimental Depot, Maymyo
    218651 2/Lt Laverick. John F Commissioned from Sgt 15/11/1941. Later Capt & Adjutant
    42022 A Coy Major Haughton. George William Coy commander
    218650 Capt Goldthorpe. John Arthur Edward. "Curly" Commissioned 15/11/1941 from Acting R.Q.M.S. (4748560). O.C. Carrier section. Died 31/12/1979.
    64621 Capt Wardleworth. Edmund Douglas Wounded 23/02/1942. Shot in the shoulder. Swam Sittang
    4689188 Lt Baxter. Walter Hlegu, shot through arm by natives whilst searching a village. R H. P. 197. No trace C.L.
    58171 A/Major Doyle. John Reinhold Innes Lt-Col Keegan's Adjutant. Wounded 23/02/1942. Maymyo 1936/37
    104934 Lt. Phillips. Melville Qtr Mstr, 'Taffy'. Commissioned from R.S.M. 25/10/1939. Died from heart attack at Yin Chaung. 19/04/1942.
    Capt. Chapman. L. Alan
    217668 Lt. Cranfield. Geoffrey Cecil KiA 14/04/1942. Toksan. No 13 Platoon.
    73664 Major Martin. David Eric. KIA 07/05/1942
    B Coy Capt. Baxter. Geoffrey S Recently promoted from subaltern. NMNM Page, 157. Evacuated sick from Mount Popa. Page196)
    160952 2/Lt. Young. Andrew Mclaren Joined Btn 05/03/1942 at Hlegu
    201483 2/ Lt. Ableson. James William Joined Btn 05/03/1942 at Hlegu. KiA 08/03/1942. Hwambe Road Block. 77920
    218652 D Coy CSM Miller. Frank Commissioned during campaign (15/11/1941). NMNM page 120
    187116 2/Lt. Wellborne. John Amory Joined Btn 05/03/1942 at Hlegu. Led charge at Toksan. Later 2nd South Lancashire Regt.
    223512 A/Capt. Bootland. Alan Commissioned from R.S.M. Wounded. D.N.R. Toksan. Shot through Jaw. Wife and son at Maymyo
    200942 2/Lt. Watts. Arthur Edward Joined Btn 05/03/1942 at Hlegu. Intelligenge Officer
    66557 Lt. Wilson. J.T.A. MID. L.G. 28/10/1942.
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    ORGAN. Pte. 4690972 HAROLD C. Sunday, February 22, 1942 Age 23 RANGOON MEMORIAL Face 16.

    This is my Grandmothers Brother.
    Harold Organ was born in October 1918 in Richmond Yorkshire.
    His father, Montague, was 24 and his mother, Laura, was 23.
    He had one brother and three sisters.

    In the book;
    Burma 1942: Memoirs of a Retreat: The Diary of Ralph Tanner, KOYLI
    it states he was shot by a nervous sentry and he has no known grave.
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