2nd Bn. South Wales Borderers

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  1. Ferguson73uk

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    Hello All.

    I am researching a man on our local war memorial:

    Pte. John Andrew David
    2nd Bn South Wales Borderers
    Died 20th October 1944 and buried in Geel War Cemetery.

    Can anyone tell me anything about what the Borderers were doing and where on that date?

    Many thanks!

  2. Owen

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    2 SWB were in 56 Brigade of 49th Division.
    Patrick Delaforce in The Polar Bears page 165 says...

    Friday 20th October...2 SWB ordered to put in a worring efforts by clearing Brecht after stiff fighting...
  3. Ferguson73uk

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    Thanks, Owen.

  4. Alisonmallen

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    My grandfather was a Borderer but he went to Anzio however I knew many of his friends who were involved in d day. You should be able to locate the grave of John Cody in Geel Kia October I think. He was a postman and gransha's friend. He was shot by a sniper when they were going through a nearby town and came across German soldiers. They told me they had a relatively easy landing then made their way through towns over the months towards Geel. They landed with bikes though whether they got that far with them I cannot recall.

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