2nd Bn Hampshire Regt: Hunts Gap & Fondouk

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  1. Skip

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    Very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction for information regarding the 2nd Bn Hampshire Regt in North Africa and Italy, initially any part they played at Hunt's Gap & Fondouk Pass. I have "The Desert War, Then and Now" but they get brief mention.

    Thanks in advance for suggestions.


  2. idler

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    The first port of call would be the regimental history which is available at the 'budget' end of the spectrum:

    The Royal Hampshire Regiment. Volume 3. 1918-1954 by David Scott Daniell.

    If you can pick up a reasonable first edition, that's the best way to go as the maps and photos will be better:


    In this case, it has been reprinted in paperback, so some shopping around might save a few bob:


    Of course, other websites are available...
  3. Tricky Dicky

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  4. Skip

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    Idler and TD - as ever thanks for the fast and useful replies. Will pass that on to the person whose asked me. his uncle was there and he's trying to put together a fuller picture of events for his aunt.

    Cheers again - looks like a good book,

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  6. Skip

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    Thanks TD ... very useful and no doubt he'll pay a visit as well.


  7. Tricky Dicky

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    2 birds - 1 stone - good idea, they may have other information available to him at the same time

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    I have a lot of information on their involvement at Salerno in Sep 43 and on the failed crossing of the Garigliano on 19 Jan 44.


  9. Skip

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    Thanks Frank - any info would be greatly appreciated. Apparently he was injured in Italy.


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  11. Skip

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    Hello Ron,

    Many thanks, I've passed screenshots of that thread on to my friend and have encouraged him to join so that he can expand his knowledge thanks to longterm members such as yourself.

    Appreciate you getting back to me. All the best,


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