2nd Bn., Gloucestershire Regiment, 8th October 1944

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    A local man, Maurice Neville Barton, was killed on this date and is buried in Heverlee

    I'd be grateful for any information on the unit actions around that time

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    According to the 2nd South Wales Borderers, another battalion of the 56th Infantry Brigade, the 49th Infantry Division continued to advance northeast toward Tilburg and the brigade remained in the line until October 7th then moved north to take the line in the area of Poppel south of Tilburg. On October 20th, the brigade assembled in the area of St. Leonard for its next attack toward Leonhout.

    According to the 2nd Essex Regiment, another battalion of the 56th Infantry Brigade, it was involved in actions at Ryckevoisel, St. Leonard-Leonhout, Esschen and Nispen until October 27th. After it advanced up to the river Maas from October 12th to November 30th, when it arrived at Nijmegen and its assembly area at Elst.
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    2 Gloucestershire Regiment | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 171/1298
    2 Gloucestershire Regiment
    Date: 1944 Jan.- Dec.
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew

    There are members on here who offer a copying service at Kew and it dioesnt have to be the full year perhaps the firat half of October if you ask them nicely :whistle:

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    Thanks both, much appreciated
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    A bit of background...

    The 2nd South Wales Borderers, 56th Infantry Brigade, had been attached to the 50th (Northumbrian) Division, for the purposes of the D-Day landings on Gold Beach. It stayed with the 50 Div until early August, when it temporarily moved to the 59th Division, before moving permanently to the 49th (West Riding) Division, on 20 August 1944.

    The 50 Div was taken out of the line on the 5 August for three days rest, for the first time since D-Day and it was likely then that the Brigade left 50 Div.
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    Thanks Steve, appreciate your input

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