2nd Battalion, Sherwood Foresters

Discussion in '1940' started by graeme, Dec 13, 2012.

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    We like lots of things - its why many of us are on here daily, so if you wish to post something please do so, you dont need permission, just remember its a public forum, email address's are best either done through 'conversations' options, or changing @ for 'AT' [stops the bots]
    If its specfic to your father it might be best to start a new thread and leave this one solely for 2nd Batt matters

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    Sounds like a fantastic collection.

    Andy (Drew5233) is our 1940 nut. I think he's acquired a copy of the book by now but he will definitely be interested in any material that didn't make it into the published version.

    Oh - here he is...

    And if you recall - or heard about - a chap chatting about the book in Coates church some years ago sparked by a 2/5 Sherwood Foresters memoire - that was me!

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