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    I’m looking for some information regards the movements of the 2nd Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbs) on or around 17th May 1940. I have a relative Private Harold Fores - 4971915 who was sadly was killed on that date and is currently buried in Belgium. I know how Harold died and have some of his personal belongings but know very little about that battalions movements/actions on and around that date. I understand there’s a book about the battalion but it’s no longer in print and I can’t find a copy for sale. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me.

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    The best place to start really is with the battalion war diary held at the National Archives. Whereabouts are you located ?


    2 Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) | The National Archives

    There are members here who can copy at a reasonable cost.

    It's unlikely that you'll find a published source which goes into such detail regarding locations etc as the war diary does. If you're really keen then the diaries of the other battalions in 3rd Infantry Brigade (1 Duke of Wellington's and 1 KSLI ) may also throw something up, as may the brigade diary or indeed that of 1st Infantry Division.
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    I’ll look into that! I live near Worksop, Notts. Thank you that’s much appreciated.
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    Here is an excerpt from the regimental history on the movements of the 2nd Battalion from 11-22 May 1940.
    SF01.jpg SF02.jpg SF03.jpg
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    Thank you that’s a great help.
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    As well as the official history, there was an unofficial history written by Richard Garrett, an officer with the 8th and later 5th Battalions. I am not sure this was ever formally published, copies may exist with the Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire archives, or local history societies. There is not much on the 2nd Bttn around 17th May but attached is a scan (not very good I'm afraid due to the binding).

    I'm researching the 2/5th in France 1940, and I know there is material about them in the Nottinghamshire Archive. Not sure if anything on the 2nd, but might be worth checking their catalogue online.

    Unfortunately although i have both the 2/5 and 9th WD for the period you are looking at, I don't have a copy of that of the 2nd.

    Finally the Regimental Museum and archive at Foresters House, Chilwell, Nottingham, NG9 5HA. is very helpful, although they do make a charge for research or access to materials in order to support their work. Contact Jennifer Brookman-Moore the curator; emial is curator@stand-firm-strike-hard.org.uk.

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