2nd Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers soldiers Names

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    Hi Iain.
    I am afraid I do not have any other Photo's of John Douglas STRAIN and I do not know who Fus Rankine is . I thought I should mention him as he was John's witness to his Marriage and I assumed they were Pals. Are you associated with the Museum at Charing X .?? .The original photo is A 4 size and looks like a Matte paper print on Thickish Cardboard. I seen another on the Web the same but a different soldier.

    Do you know of anyone who visits KEW as I am trying to find a soldier in the 1845's. I have some details on him and iam trying to find his Discharge Details. He was in Australia.

    Do you know were I might find a MEMORIAL for John in Scotland as he is not on the Airdrie one ??.
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    Hi Iain, just noticed that 3128701 Fusilier Robert Skivington 2nd battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers is on your list. I have his medal group in my collection, he Died of Wounds 19/1944 in Italy buried Minturno War Cemetery.
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    I'm looking for any information on my great grandpa, George Sneddon Marshall. He may have been in the RSF prior to WWII. The only record of a service number is a postcard sent to him in on the 20th July 1939 - Mr George Marshall, No 3127969, 2nd Bat RSF, Redford Barracks, Colington, Edinburgh. He can be seen 2nd from the right in the middle row, and an earlier photo is included as well.

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    You need to get a copy of his Service Record. Go to www.gov.uk and is the Search box type 'How did I get a Service Record'.

    The Service Record will tell you everything about his time in the Army.


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  5. Hi Iain,
    I have attached the MC citation for Captain Vincent McNeal Cooke, who I believe took part in the Ypres-Commines Canal action in May 1940.
    Hope this is of use to you.

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  6. skimmod

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    so sorry not to have replied earlier Rossco, i've been deployed away for a while.
    Thanks for this. let me have a look through my records to see what i have.

    In the mean time, are there any names/ writings on the back of the photo?
    best regards
  7. skimmod

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    Hello Roscco,
    please see below his entry in the regimental attestation books:
    you will see he joined the regiment on the 1st September 1930. as a regular soldier for the period of 7 years with the colours and 5 with the reserve.
    He was born in Ayr on the 6th June 1912
    he stayed a fusilier throughout the war finally being discharged on the 20th December 1945.

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  8. skimmod

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    thanks David, he was a very interesting character. i have a copy of his private diary which helped kick start my research 15 years ago!
  9. Rossco

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    Thank you so much for digging that up for me. I have some of the photos he took during his time, but nothing else sadly. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
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    I'd love to see some of the photos, if you are happy to share? they are all a piece of the jigsaw puzzle!
  11. Rossco

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    My Great Grandfather is 2nd in from the right in the middle row. Sadly there are no names on the back. I think this was perhaps taken towards the end of his first term in the RSF.

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  12. skimmod

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    This photo is taken in 1937 of the 1st Bn RSF HQ Wing Football & Athletics team Moascar Egypt - your great grandfather (like many of the 2nd) must have been attached to them during this period.

    I'll see if the RSF journal has anything to say about it!
  13. skimmod

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    do you recognise him in these? (apart from the last one of course!)

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  14. Rossco

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    Thank you for putting some background info to that! We knew he had been in Egypt, but it's nice to put a date to it. I don't recognise him in any of the photographs you sent, though he did have the first photo. He was also a boxer and done cross country as well, I found a cross country medal amongst the photos.
    I'll gradually send the few photos I have as we go along. I hope it will come in useful to yourself and others.
    He's in this one as well, 2nd in from the right, with his right arm in a sling.
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    the top right photo where was this ?

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