2nd Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers soldiers Names

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    Hi, My dad enlisted in 1944 and was, I think, orginally in a Lancashire Regiment. He
    was later in the RSF but I don't know which battalion. His name was Thomas Kenny and his No. 14787333. After serving in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany he was then sent to India from November 13th 1945 until, posssibly 1948. Cannot find any record of him anywhere can anyone help. Wished I had asked him more before he died in 1992.
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    I know this won't help the discussion about names within the battalion, but I have posted below the 2 RSF War Diary for 18-24 Apr 45. This period was during the push to the Elbe by 17 Inf Bde which was part of 5 Div. 2RSF advanced with 2 Sqn of 4 Grenadier Guards and met some very stiff resistance even so close to the end of the war.

    I have been conducting some research for a German friend of mine about an incident at Zernien on 21 Apr when 2 civilians were executed by the British army of 5 Div. I have read 4GG War diary and it appears German civilians, "Werewolves", were firing panzerfausts against 2RSF and 4GG and then disappearing. 3 tanks were brewed up by these attacks. The only answer I could come up with for my friend was that the "Werewolves" were shot after capture by the advancing troops. A reference is made about the "bazooka" attack by civilians in the war diary on 21 April and in the secret "Opsig" sent to 5 Div by the Commander 17 Bde on 21 Apr 45 giving a sitrep of the day's action.

    A little information about 2RSF which may be of interest.








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    William Cormack Masson was my grandfather. He served in the RSF and was a POW for six years.
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    Hi there. Sorry for the slow response. Work getting in the way of my research.
    Thanks for getting in contact.
    I'll drop you a pm soon.
    All the best

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    I have this picture of him, do you have a better one?

    Am trying to copy and paste things from iPhone, sorry about the quality!!

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    Are you now at 156 Regt RLC?


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    Trust you don't mind if I ask you to study the History of the end of Ww2 to find the real facts as the British did NOT stand aside to allow the Russian into Berlin first - as the US president FDR did that with his orders to Eisenhower to allow the Russians to enter Prague - Vienna and Berlin- where they replaced their Troops with Mongol regiments who raped and pillaged for weeks....

    The British and Canadians were sent up to the Hamburg area and the main US troop to Southern Bavaria

    Churchill came into Berlin for the Victory parade in Berlin months later after the allied sectors had been worked out...


    Fair enough, neither myself or my father claim to be military historians, the story was relayed by my father, who was told it around 30 years ago, obviously some things get a bit lost in translation/ over time.
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    Iain, I will be sending you something today, may help you with your jigsaw ;-)
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    I have been trying to find some information on my Grandfather. I am using his service number in numerous locations, but with little luck. I noticed his name appear on your list of names, and wondered if you can tell me any more, or where I should look for more information. His name was George Haigh.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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    Hi there

    My name is Rena and I came across this site and page whilst doing a search on my grandfather who was in the RSF the other day and I was astounded to find my grandfather's name on your list of 2nd Battalion Fusiliers. He was Thomas Fletcher. I would love to contribute and know more about the campaign he took part in and more about his PoW time. I would love to add a photo of him to your collection and contribute in whatever way I can.

    My grandfather didn't really speak an awful lot about his time during the war and the research I have done over the last few days is rather conflicting compared to the accounts we have in the family. My mother, his daughter has a copy of his war records, which I'm hoping she can send me a copy of. When I have them I can forward/add a copy of his records here.

    From what we know, which I've been able to confirm here is that my grandfather was captured near Dunkirk (I'm assuming he may have been in either C or D company as a result, but I'm not sure until I can get a copy of his war records). And this is where the accounts conflict. We knew he was a PoW and took part in a Death March, but there is also a possibility that he ended up in Belsen (this is something I would like to confirm just for our family as I know what he went through during his time as PoW had a huge lasting effect on him). However, if the Death March he took part in was the Lamsdorf Death March then it would seem to conflict with the Belsen possibility. We also have an account that he escaped from several PoW camps and that the final escape involved he and 2 other PoW's getting within a mile of the Swiss boarder, which is the escape which we believe is the one that may have landed him in Belsen. My mother also has a small black and white photo of my grandfather taken of him while he was a PoW and it matches others that where taken at Belsen (I will try and also obtain a copy for you here too).

    I really don't know what actually happened to my grandfather and would dearly love to know. He was a character and I loved him dearly, we only really started to get closer in my late teens which is when he started to open up a little to me about the awful things he saw whilst he was a PoW and I could see how much it had really affected him.

    Thanks for your time.

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    My grandfather was 2nd bat RSF fusilier Kenneth Joseph Harrison no.3133174, he was a carrier driver, went to Madagascar, Karachi, Persia,North Africa, Sicily, Italy.
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    Hi Iain hope all is well. You sent me some information regarding my father's war records, up until 1940. I can understand most of the rest up until 1943 then it gets very difficult to understand the abbreviations ect.
    Did you manage to look through the rest.
    If you have any more info from 1943 onwards it would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks Brian.
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    My grandfather was lance corporal martin William wardrobe 2nd bn R.s.f army number 3127384 pow number 12674. Stalag xxa ( 29 ) I saw his name is on your list. Can anyone point me in the right place where I can get more info abt his time in the r.s.f please. Carol wardrobe.
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    Hi my name is Bill. I had a look at your RSF page and I see you have my Uncle John listed. No 31277993 John Douglas Strain.
    I have some Information about him not much and a Photo in Uniform.
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    Hello Bill, thank you so much for responding to the thread!
    Yes please, I would love to hear more about Uncle John's story and see a photo of him.
    thank you
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    From what I have gathered.
    Fusilier John Strain was part of B Company in 10 platoon. During their first night along the Ypres-Comines canal (more accurately along the railway to the right of hill 60) 10 platoon conducted a patrol to their front. During which the patrol and the platoon commander Lt Robertson were captured.
    They came under heavy machine gun and mortar fire during the night.
    John was placed with his bren gun on the opposite side of the railway to cover the platoon's position, as the railway stopped them from being able to see up the slope towards Klien Zillebeke. Whilst doing this he was badly wounded and was rescued by Sgt Carr.
    From here he was evacuated back to the regimental aid post in a farm 400 metres to the rear and then he was evacuated by Bren Carrier back across the canal to the casualty clearing post (CCP) next to battalion headquarters.
    After this point I'm afraid I don't know any more information. If he died at or before the CCP he would have been buried there and his temporary grave recorded.
    I can only presume he was evacuated but died on route. with the records being lost in the chaos, which is why he is commemorated on the Dunkirk Memorial rather than having a dedicated grave.
    A photo would be amazing and adding it to the gallery of these brave men would be just perfect.
    thanks and best regards
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    Citation for Sgt Carr.
    No.3123552 Sgt P. Carr, 2nd Bn The Royal Scots Fusiliers is recommended for the award of the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

    “On the night 26/27th, May 1940 the platoon officer was missing and Sgt Carr took charge of the Platoon. He showed great courage and was very cool under enemy fire from sniper, machine gun and mortars. He continually visited sections posts and kept the men very cheery.

    On the night of the 26th, May 1940 it was reported that No. 3127993 Fusilier Strain was wounded and that no one could get out to him. This NCO crawled under heavy fire and brought back Fus Strain, who was very badly wounded, he went forward and brought back the gun which had been used by Fus Strain.

    On the morning of the 27th, May 1940 when the order was given to withdraw Sgt Carr again went forward again and brought back more wounded. He reorganised his platoon and took up another position on the railway in the rear of Hill 60.”
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  19. william baxter

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    Hi Iain.
    My mother and her Family all believed John was killed in Dunkirk, I think that was what they were told.
    John Douglas Strain was born in Airdrie 1912. John was married in Ayr while he was stationed at the Barracks in 1933 his mate H.Rankine was his Witness and he was also Stationed at the RSF barracks in Ayr.

    Johns Brother Samuel was supposed to have enlisted after the news of John,s death. He was killed in Tunisia 1943. Samuel was a Gunner with the Ayrshire Yeomanry, 152 R.A.

    John,s cousin Richard Douglas Francis was in the RAF, reserves 614 and was awarded the DFC.
    John's Uncles all were in WW1, with one being awarded the M.M. and his Grandfather was in the 13th Regt and was with Woods Column at Kambala in the Zulu War.

    All the above can be viewed on a site called Wikitree. If you search for a Harry Douglas and click on Harry Richards Douglas. The Photo can be downloaded from that site if you wish. I have the Original and stay only a
    40min Walk from Charing X.

  20. skimmod

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    thank you for sharing that. I have his photo now and will add it to the website.
    Would the family have any photos of John and Fus Rankine before the war?
    Every piece of information is so valuable to their memories!

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