2nd Battalion Queens Own Cameron Highlanders in Italy 1944

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  1. Pamela Mclean

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    I’ve recently came across a letter that my mum had that was written by CQMS Edwin Ogg about my grandad (2926049 RSM J Campbell) who served in the 2nd Bn QOCH. He died in Italy on the 3rd September 1944. I don’t know where he died, but I know he was buried in a small cemetery in northern Italy and later moved to Montecchio war cemetery.
    I am now trying to find as much information about my grandad’s time in the army. Any help would be appreciated. Would there be information about the original place where he was buried before he was moved to the war cemetery in Montecchio?

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  2. dryan67

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    Here is the war diary entry for 3rd September 1944 for the 2nd Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders:
    P6570346.JPG P6570347.JPG
  3. Pamela Mclean

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    Thank you so much for your reply. It is the start of my journey into gathering information about my grandad.
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  5. Pamela Mclean

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    Thank you so much.
  6. 51highland

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    An article from the '79th News', the Camerons regimental magazine. Seems he was promoted from Company Sgt Major to R.S.M. sometime between april 1944 and September.. The magazine was printed 6 monthly, October and April.

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  7. Pamela Mclean

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    Thank you, i have just come across this on another thread.
  8. AB64

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    "Charlie Company" gives 2 mentions to RSM Campbell - "Greetin' Jamie"
  9. Pamela Mclean

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    Thank you, i really appreciate everyone sharing what information they
  10. vitellino

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    Hello Pamela,

    I have uploaded the Concentration Form for your grandfather from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

    You will see he was brought into Montecchio from the military cemetery at Urbino. This would have been a temporary cemetery which would have been closed after the casualties had been transferred.

    If you want to know exactly where it was I suggest you contact cwgc. as they will give you the map reference.

    Here's the link to a 1943 map of the area.


    J Campbell Urbino.JPG
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  11. Pamela Mclean

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    Thank you so much. I wonder if the cemetery at Urbino is the one
    that CQMS EDWIN OGG sketched which i attached at beginning of
    the thread
  12. Richard Lewis

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    Hello Pamela,

    From the sketch it looks like this is the place:
    La chiesa della Madonna di Loreto, Viale Federico Comandino, Urbino

    From Google Streetview :


    From : Urbino - Wikipedia
    The church of the Madonna di Loreto. It is located on the top of a hill about 1 km north-west of the historic center, in via Federico Comandino. It has a single hall with a single altar and has a pronaos on the facade, open on the sides; both internally and externally it is not plastered, leaving the brick in sight . It was built in 1720 by the will of Fulvio Corboli-Aquilini and his family, in the same size as the Holy House of Loreto . After a long period of neglect, it was donated in 1934 to the city, to be restored and dedicated to the memory of the fallen of the First World War, together with the eastern slope of the hill, renamed Remembrance Park. It can be visited only on rare occasions, while the nearby park is open every day, according to a specific timetable.
  13. Pamela Mclean

    Pamela Mclean Member

    Thank you so much for this information, i am overwhelmed by all the replies that i have received and that everyone has took the time to forward information onto me.
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  14. minden1759

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    Your grandfather was at the Second and Third Battles of Monte Cassino - the two really grim ones.

    The battalion spent the period of the Second Battle in Feb 44 portering stores up on to Snakeshead Ridge from the village of Caira. They then took over the positions on Snakeshead Ridge and stayed there being constantly shelled and mortared for the whole of Mar 44 - quite a feat of endurance. As a Company Sergeant Major, he would have been a very busy man organising resupply.

    I have the story of their time on Snakeshead Ridge with the deployments of their four Rifle Companies if that helps.


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  15. Pamela Mclean

    Pamela Mclean Member

    Frank thank you so much for this information, i am very grateful that you have took the time to forward this onto me.
  16. Pamela Mclean

    Pamela Mclean Member

    Yes Frank i would appreciate the information you have of their time on Snakeshead Ridge.

    Thank you
  17. Tony56

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    The diaries, posted above by dryan67, mention the RSM being killed on 3 September, according to the casualty lists your grandfather 'died of wounds'.

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