2nd battalion, Middlesex Regiment help please

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  1. Fiona Buchan-Ng

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    I wonder if anyone can help me. My father JTS Buchan was transferred from the 209 (w) field ambulance unit to this battalion in March 1944. He was a Medical Officer. All I can ever find about this regiment is troup/equipment movements etc.
    Are there any records anywhere that capture what medical teams did and what company they were attached to? How close were they to the front line? How closely did they follow the machine gun unit? Does anyone have a copy of the War Diaries for this regiment from March 1944 to November 1945?
    My father kept a copy of RB Moberlys book "Second Battalion, The Middlesex Regiment, Campaign in NW Europe June 6th 1944 to May 7th 1945". He put some wonderful mementos in their including german currency, circus programmes, copies of the "News Brevities" etc. The book talks about the troups, and there is nothing about the attached field ambulance.
    Help please
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    Welcome to the forum.

    A quick suggestion until others come on board, contact/visit the Museum of Military Medicine: The Museum of Military Medicine. It is in Aldershot, England.

    I visited it when I lived in England in the 70's, I found it very interesting at the time.

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  3. Fiona Buchan-Ng

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    Thank you Mark. I appreciate your suggestion. It will be another couple of years until I get to the UK, and when I do there are a number of places I would like to visit. I will add this to my list.
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    I've replied you your email Fiona.
  6. Stuart Avery

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    Hi Fiona,

    you could try & obtain a book that has the title has follows: The Middlesex Regiment 1919-1952 by Lt- Commander P.K. Kemp. It will not be cheap. Chapter IV. 2nd Battalion, 39-45 has about 60 pages. I'm sure I've come across the above book that you mention. I would have to check my deleted images of the front covers. If its the same one, then that is also rather expensive! I once came across a copy of Kemp's book that had a leather bound & was going for somewhere in the region of £100.00.

    Fiona, does the above look familiar? Moberley ( Major) Second Battalion The Middlesex Regiment (D.C.O.) Campaign in N.W. Europe, June 6th, 1944, through till May 7th, 1945. 1st Ed; 148 pp; 38 photos; 8 Sketch maps. What strikes me about this, is that appears to have been printed in Cairo: Schindler 1946.. Weird.

    MG Battalion of 3 British Infantry Division, in action Normandy from D.day on-wards; breakout, advance through France, Belgium & Holland to Germany. Roll of Honour, awards, nominal roll of all who served in 44-45. A scarce copy.

    Stu. Edit, welcome to the board.
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  7. Richard Lewis

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    Not so weird Stu, 2 MX, as part of 3 Inf Div went to the Middle East (Egypt and Palestine) in
    November October 1945 until 1948 May 1948.


    Edit: Dates amended after reading the Journals, the links to which Charley F provided in post #4.
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  8. Stuart Avery

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    Hi Richard,

    I was going to question your source & its a good job i did not. Robin Mcnish's book, IRON DIVISION The History of the 3rd Division 1809- 2000 does mention that they went to Middle East. Not had the chance to check the ASSAULT DIVISION by Norman Scarfe.

    So, its not has weird has I thought.

    Thanks for your correction.
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  9. Stuart Avery

    Stuart Avery In my wagon & not a muleteer.

  10. Charley Fortnum

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    I got some brilliant information about Hong Kong post-war. Real granular detail. I can only wish that the Essex Regiment would digitise their collection of The Eagle, but I fear it's a pipe dream

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