2nd batallion KRRC, Airaines 1944

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    Hello, I look for a copy of the war diaries of the batallion 2nd KRRC of the 31st august 1944 and the 1st september on 1944 or any informations about them.

    This battalion entered the village of Airaines and has sudden the loss of 7 soldier of whom the lt col LITTLEDALE. Cordially
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    From the battalions war diary



    Thank you very much for the war diaries.

    it is written that Lt Col LITTLEDALE went on recce with Bty comdr 174 anti-tank SP Bty... This party was ambushed in Airaines and both Lt Col LITTLEDALE and the bty comdr were killed.

    7 soldiers was killed in Airaines, 5 of KRRC, 1 of RASC and major Roger Chester NIGHTINGALE

    This major belonged to Royal Artillery 129 Bty. 86 (5th BnThe Devonshire Regt.) Anti Tank Regt.
    The 86th AT regiment was attached to XII Corps

    I read that 129 Bty was attached to 31st Army Tank Brigade (for opération Jupiter), the same as 4th Armoured Brigade Group.

    Wich dépends the 174th Anti-Tank SP Bty ?

    In the war diaries it's writen : ...also major BERNAYS and MMG Pls of 'D' coy.
    In the organization of the KRRC are indicated 3 companies:
    'A' compagny attached to 3 CLY
    'B' compagny attached to 44 RTR
    'C' compagny attached to Scots Grey

    what is the 'D' compagny ?

    I wish you a happy new year of all

    Best regards

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    Thank's very much for the war diaries Drew.

    The major NIGHTNINGALE was then seconded to the 4th amoured brigade ?

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