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  1. MikeE

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    Hi there

    I'm looking for advice from any Royal Fusilier experts as I am investigating my own grandfathers time in the regiment. He served in the regiment for more than 20 years but in particular I am interested in where he was as part of the BEF in 1940. He was called Henry 'Dick' Balmer and though he survived the war and lived until the early sixties that was some time before I was born and so I never knew him. I am interested in finding out more so that I can tell my children about it when they start learning more about history.

    I know that he was a company sergeant major in 'W' company as part of the 2nd Battalion and that he was injured sometime in Dunkirk with a shrapnel would to the head which took him some time to recover from. I'd be interested to get advice on the best way to find out about exactly where he was during this period. Wondered also if there were any ex-fusiliers or more likely relatives of other ex-fusiliers who may have served with him.

    I will try to fusiliers museum at the Tower of London and my aunts have some info but looking for as many other sources as possible. Many thanks to any who can help in advance.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum Mike, good luck with your research.
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    Just thought have you applied for his service records from the MOD In Glasgow?

  4. MikeE

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    Nope- haven't done that. Any idea what documentation (if any) is required? I have his army service number.
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    Hi you will need his army number/death certificate and the cost is £30.
    It's well worth getting them, you will be amazed just how much info you can find.
    Hope this helps.

  6. Lotus7

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  7. Owen

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    Start a thread in the 1940 section of the forum & Andy will offer to give/sell you the war diary .
    Welcome to the forum.
  8. Rich Payne

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    2nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers were part of 12th Brigade in 4th Infantry Division. The chances are that he was actually evacuated just over the Belgian border, from De Panne. As Owen suggests, a thread in the 1940 section is a good idea. Although a short campaign, the possibilities for researching the BEF and the units which accompanied 2nd Royal Fusiliers are almost unlimited :)
  9. MikeE

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    Ok thanks- I have started threads elsewhere as suggested.
    Excuse my ignorance but what is a war diary and is this publicly available?
  10. Owen

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    War diaries are available to read & copy at the National Archives at Kew.
    Lots of examples of them on the forum & in the Gallery .

    Here's one for another unit so you can get an idea what they are like.

    another good example here.


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