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    Hi, I don't know if anyone can assist me but I am trying to find some information about my father in laws service with the 2nd and 10th Battalion of the Rifle Brigade, I know he served in Italy and North Africa as well as being one of the first troops into Belsen as I understand it. He very recently passed away and we are in the throws of arranging the funeral , the main thing I would like to find is a Regimental Tie? is there a tie ? Any assistance would be helpful . His name is RFN Alan Green Service number 6920823. Also any detail about his service history would be great.
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    10 RB were the infantry battalion of 26 Armoured Brigade who were part of 6 Armoured Division.

    6 Armoured Division fought at the Fourth Battle of Monte Cassino which started on 11 May 44. 26 Armoured Brigade supported 4 Infantry Division at the crossing of the Amazon Bridge on the morning of 13 May 44 and the subsequent push up the Liri Valley towards Rome.


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    A look through this forum will produce a large number of requests for information on service personnel and the main piece of advice we can give is to obtain a copy of the individual’s service records from the MOD.

    Researchers should bear in mind that although the individual may be recorded as serving in one unit or another at a particular time, it was not unknown for service personnel to be transferred between battalions or regiments so you need to be sure you research the correct unit.

    Unless you are unlucky, service records will give a timeline showing units, promotions (and demotions!), embarkation/disembarkation dates, award entitlements, hospitalisations (although not medical records) etc etc.. This will enable further research via the relevant unit’s war diaries or other sources of information thereby building a complete and accurate picture of their service.

    The process for obtaining records can be found here: Service records

    Also worth using this forum’s search facility once you are sure when and where he was i.e.

    Good luck.
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    Hi Frank,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I fo remember Alan talking about Monte Casino, I believe he was wounded during that period too.

    Many thanks

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