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  1. roodymiller

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    Hello All

    Has anyone got the War Diaries and or Roll of Honour for the 29th Armoured Brigade for the period 1st Jan - 6th Jan.

    Ideally I would like....
    341 Battery 86th Field Artillery (Hearts Yeomanry).
    23rd Hussars.

    I have 2nd Fife & Forfar War Diary.


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    hi Andrew, I to am just begining to look at the 29th Armoured Brigade, I would be very interested in a copy of your 2nd fifes diary, I have a copy of the 24th Lancers that I could offer in exchange.
    kind regards
  3. roodymiller

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    I'll scan and email them for you, at work at moment, so give me a day or two as I'm busy this weekend. I only have the early january dates though.
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    Here are the war diaries for the 2nd F&F Yeo for January 1945.

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    Hello All

    Has anyone got the War Diaries and or Roll of Honour for the 29th Armoured Brigade for the period 1st Jan - 6th Jan.

    Ideally I would like....
    341 Battery 86th Field Artillery (Hearts Yeomanry).
    23rd Hussars.

    The book 'Taurus Pursuant' has a complete Roll Of Honour for the Division
    and the 23rd Hussars history has one broken down by date.

    23rd list 5 dead on 5th Jan.

    Sgt T K Roberts
    Lance Corporal J Gearing
    Trooper T M Mather
    Trooper J Roche
    Trooper S Wassell

    Roberts (A Squadron) is mentioned in the text (page 196) as being 'bazooka'd' near Tellin(3rd and 4th Troop tanks?) The other 4 appear to have been killed when 2 tanks(1st Troop) were knocked out in Bure
    no other deaths from 28 dec- 11th Jan.
  6. nick bullock

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    hi Andrew thats great thanks, I am particularly interested in the Fifes activities in Normandy and any links with the 24th Lancers
    kind regards
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    HQ 29th Armoured Brigade.

    Hello to all those trying to trace their father's active service in WWII, because they didn't tell us much before they died.

    I am trying to locate a digital copy of Brigadier Roscoe Harvey's war diaries, commander of the 29th Armoured Brigade.

    I am also trying to piece together some of the vague stories my father told me of his time in the 29th Armoured Brigade (Trooper Douglas Turner 7896058). His nick name seems to have been 'Donald the Petrol Jerker'.

    He was shot in the arm whilst trying to escape from advancing German Paratroopers in the Ardennes in1944/45 and his co-driver was killed.
    I think by elimination, his co-driver was Trooper Aubrey Harvey (7951035), who died on 04.01.1945 at Givet in the Ardennes.

    Does anyone know how I would find out if my father was treated in a field hospital and how Trooper Harvey died?

    I have scanned his autograph book, which lists some of the troops who survived to Schleswig.
    I am new to World War 2 Talk and I'm trying to upload them here, not sure if it will take all, (there are about 60 in total).

    It would be great to know if any of these people were still alive.

    Regards Neil Turner

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    Blinking 'Eck ! Thats some first post !

    Welcome to the forum and have a dollop of rep!
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    Hi Neil
    I too am trying to track down all I can find regarding the 24th lancers / HQ 29th Armoured Brigade, I am the grandson of trooper charles Bullock listed on your roll of honour. I had no idea that Brig Harvey had a war diary. I do know that my grand father ( a peace time jockey) was brigader harveys batman and looked after the polo ponys for him! I would be very keen to hear if anything shows up
    kind regards
  10. neilt

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    Hi Nick,

    It's amazing how useful websites like these are in order to piece together snippets of information. I have looked on the internet for information regarding the 29th Armoured Brigade for about 8 years and this is the first for me.
    Luckily for me the one thing my dad left me was a copy of 'Taurus Pursuant'. Its condition is good except for the rusty staples.

    I have scanned for you the chapter detailing the events up to your grandfather's death on the 5th September 1944.
    You need to do further investigation, because I can see that the 29th Armoured Brigade was sent to liberate Antwerp on the 3rd September (I haven't worked out the exact dates)?
    Maybe he was injured on the way to Amiens and died of his injuries in the city?

    Looking through the Roll of Honour in Taurus Pursuant I cannot see any reference to the 24th Lancers. When I wrote to David Fletcher at the Tank Museum back in 1999 he listed the 24th Lancers as joining in 1941. (Copies attached).

    From my father's army record he was in the 29th Armoured Brigade from 28.12.1940. I would guess that he probably knew your grandfather.

    If you come up with any information regarding how to locate details of injuries sustained and where treated I would be grateful.

    Regards Neil Turner

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  11. stolpi

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  13. roodymiller

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    i have mate


    (thanks for the other info by the way)
  14. Pachamama

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    Trooper Aubrey Harvey (7951035) mentioned in previous posts was my Grandfather - we always understood that he was a dispatch rider, shot by sniper but not sure where this came from. The above information seems a different story - does anyone know any more I would love to find out. I have visited his grave in Brussels cemetary and my Dad knows very little about what happened to his Father - Aubrey died before Dad was born.
    Would be grateful for any information.
    Thank you.
  15. stolpi

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  16. neilt

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    Dear Pachamama,

    Have a look at this link: Chapter 22-THE ARDENNES: BATTLE OF THE BULGE

    It's an excerpt from a book:
    THE ARDENNES: BATTLE OF THE BULGE by Hugh M. Cole written in 1965.

    As to the nature of your grandfather’s death, it’s only a theory based on putting bits of information together my father told me:

    He was shot in the arm whilst trying to escape from advancing German paratroopers and his co-driver was killed.
    I have assumed that this took place in the Ardennes in1944/45 as this seems the most likely.
    He was diving some sort of truck with supplies for the front and got lost in fog.
    The German paratroopers opened fire and my father who driving the truck managed to turn it around and escape. The paratroopers might have concentrated their fire on what they instinctively thought was the driver, but being right hand drive rather than left possibly left him escaping with his life?

    There might be some sort of report written about your grandfather if his body was recovered?

    The report (if it was written) and the war diary of Brig Harvey will probably reside in the National Archives.

    I would recommend that your father, if he’s retired make a visit to TNA and search these out.

    Have you applied for a copy of your grandfather’s army record?

    Regards Neil Turner

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  17. neilt

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    Dear all,

    I've tagged this thread and a couple of others that pertain to the 29th Armoured brigade with the 11th Armoured Division in an attempt to draw in more interest.

    I'm not sure if this will work, maybe more experienced 'threaders' can advise?

  18. Little Jimmy

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    Hi Neilt, Withninterst I looked at your Story and and rhe attachment. You wanted to know if anyone of the lads in the small book is still arround. Well the oldesr is S/sgt. Kershaw and a few others. My phon Nr. is ---edit--- You can give me a ring if you like.
  19. Paul Reed

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    I've taken out your telephone number as it is not wise to post them in public like this.

    If people want to contact you they can do via the site's messaging facilities.
  20. neilt

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    Thanks for that Paul.


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