291245 Vincent Emmet MINAHAN, MBE, Royal Army Service Corps

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    Warrant Officer Class I (Staff Sergeant-Major) Vincent Emmet Minahan, Royal Army Service Corps, was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

    This Warrant Officer has been responsible for all clerical work in the section. Only by his exemplary devotion to duty and his complete disregard of personal consideration has it been possible for the great volume of work passing through the section to be dealt with. He has worked cheerfully and voluntarily for very long hours under very great pressure and his energy, efficiency and unceasing efforts have been an excellent example to the clerks under his control and to those with whom he has worked.

    His work has been worthy of special recognition.

    Sergeant-Major Minahan was born at Valencia, Co. Kerry.

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    Please see below the actual MBE citation for WO1 Vincent Emmet MINAHAN.



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