2820393 Reginald Alexander TARVES, MM, Royal Signals & Special Operation Executive

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    2820393 Acting Serjeant Reginald Alexander Tarves, Royal Corps of Signals, Special Operations.

    Anyone heard of him?

    I was speaking to his son today and he told me he thinks he is mentioned in a couple of books to do with Crete and a film I have not watched called, 'Ill Met by Moonlight'.

    After googling the film it is to do with the kidnap of General Kreipe. Some background info here:

    Kidnap of General Kreipe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    MM citation to follow - I promised his son a copy of it. He told me his father wore all his medals after the war (Finished a RSM) but never wore or spoke about his Military Medal.

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    A bit light on detail but he does appear to be working with the key players. Captain Dunbabin and Captain Fielding.
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    It's a cracking film Andy, blag a copy !
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    Drew, here is a pic that appears in the book lets see if we can put some names to them all.......... if not will see what the book brings forth when I find it or anyone else who has a copy:unsure:

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    Cheers Jase-Its a bit small though :(
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    Cheers Jase-Its a bit small though :(
    Yeah realised that when I looked after I posted, although it looks like most apart from two are Greek:unsure: will do as said in VM;)
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    Cant find the bloody book yet! but did find this and it makes for a very intresting read. Arrival and Departure Beaches I cant find your man Andy, but there is a lot of comprehensive information on the site and some very good links, and so far I have not come across Tarves, any where else.
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    *** Aleko was the name given to Xan Fielding, this Aleko is believed to be O mikros Aleko (Little Aleko), Cpl, (later Sgt-Maj) Alec Tarves MM ,also known as 'The Tinker' according to George Psychoundakis.Scroll down to the paragraph dated 20th April 2008 that ends with the lines I quote above........... Alexis is Aleko, The expedition is due to start on Monday 14th April and the team are putting the final touches to their arrangements Finally found the book Xan Fielding -Alec Tarves. (From the book) "who had spent two years as a secret agent in Crete". Explains why I had trouble finding anything under Tarves and also why there was no mention of him as being one of those listed as going on the misson..........he was already in situ!
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    Just to add going by what is said in the citation;) I would bet money Capt Fielding and Tarvres were the same person!
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    What makes you say that Jase?
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    Kindly supplied by Brian (ADM199)

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    What makes you say that Jase?
    Its just having looked through the book there is no mention of Tarves, at all and maybe 4 refs with little information as to XAN FIELDINGS:huh: role in the operation, here is some info on him Drew can you find out when he got the D.S.O. given the sentence from my earlier post is it refering to the same person:unsure: thats what makes me think its one in the same and no service number is shown for Fielding. Alexander Wallace (Xan) Fielding - SOE - Special Forces - Roll Of Honour
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    Found him:

    159770 Lieutenant Alexander Wallace Fielding. Born 26.11.18. Cyprus Regt. Died 19.08.91. DSO gazetted 15.10.42 for Crete with Force 133 (SOE). He was known under the forename of 'Xan'.

    The Distinguisged Service Order-James Sutherland.

    Shame its not listed online. The citation would make a nice addition.
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    I have found I think a mention of both men seperately in Antonty Beevors, book Crete, but the link I was trying to find it in is playing up so looks like im book hunting again dunno where my copy is of this either:( Pleas if anyone else has it to hand can they look for refs to Captain Xan Fielding and Sgt Reg Tarves, cheers Jason.:) Edit, here is the mention of the two men but I cant find more to add to the sentence that this links from.Xan Fielding was slim, energetic and not inclined to suffer fools gladly. ...... Sergeant Alec Tarves, the wireless operator; and the two guides, ...
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    Oooo you done good mate !

    Reg Tarves. Colin Hill has sent me the following, it was prompted by the obituary for George Psychoundakis; Reg and George worked together on Crete in the Resistance..

    A late friend of mine, Reg Tarves, lived rough with George in the mountains during the war. Reg was a very quiet, unassuming man, and he never mentioned his war service and time in Crete (for which he was awarded the M.M.) until I told him I was going there on holiday in the early 1980's. He gave me the "Cretan Runner" to read and said I might find it interesting. Reg was known by George as "Tinker" and was portrayed in the film, "Ill met by moonlight". Reg's enduring memory was of the harsh conditions they endured. He told me that to blend in with the Cretans, he never washed or bathed for months on end, he spent all of the occupation in Crete and was evacuated by submarine. Reg was persuaded to travel to Crete once more in about 1985 where he met up with George and spent several weeks talking about old times. Reg had not spoken Greek for 40 years, but said that when he met George, the language just came back. Local children were astonished to hear an English visitor speaking the mountain dialect!
    [Colin also included a few details of Reg's service record.]

    Royal Corps of Signals
    Home 21-9-37 to 9-2-39
    India 10-2-39 to 3-10-39
    Egypt 4-10-39 to 18-9-44 (M.M. London Gazette 13-10-42)
    Home 19-9-44 to 5-5-45
    NWE (?) 6-5-45 to 5-1-46
    Home 6-1-46 to 11-5-46 (transferred to the Army Reserve)

    Final Assessment:-

    "Hard working, reliable and thoroughly trustworthy he has been in charge of a wireless signal section which has worked most efficiently. He is particularly good in an emergency"

    Three things I [Colin] forgot to mention:

    Reg ran away from home in the Highlands, lied about his age and joined the Seaforth Highlanders, aged 15! He transferred to the Royal Signals soon after.

    He told me that when he was on the run and expected to be captured, he hid several "tubes" of gold sovereigns (used to buy favours)in the mountains. They are probably still there!

    His Cretan name was "Kalaidzis" (the Tinker).There are numerous references to him in George's book, "The Cretan Runner"

    Below is a photo of Reg and George, on the right, in Crete about 1985.

    British characters.

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