281978 Anthony Louis SAMUELSON, Irish Guards

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    Personal Number: 281978
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Name: Antony Louis SAMUELSON
    Unit: Irish Guards

    London Gazette : 20 July 1943
    The undermentioned Cadets to be 2nd Lts. 19th June 1943:—
    19th June 1943: —
    Antony Louis SAMUELSON (281978).

    London Gazette : 6 September 1946
    The undermentioned 2nd Lts. (War Subs. Lts.) from Emerg. Commns., to be 2nd Lts., 7th Sept. 1946, with seniority as shown:—
    Antony Louis SAMUELSON (281978). 24th Apr. 1945

    London Gazette : 11 August 1950
    I. G'ds.
    Lt. A. L. SAMUELSON (281978) resigns his commn., 12th Aug. 1950, and is granted the hon. rank of Capt.

    London Gazette : 24 November 1950
    I. G'ds
    Hon. Capt. Anthony Louis SAMUELSON (281978), late Reg. Commn., to be Lt., 25th Nov. 1950, retaining the hon. rank of Capt.
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    From IG Journal, 1969

    Officers, 3rd Battalion, Hoffnungstal, 1946.

    Back Row: Lieut. C.J. Atkins, Capt. W.E. Crowder, Capt. F.S. Collin, Lieut. R.D.C. Bacon, Lieut. C.R. Robertson

    Centre Row: Capt. C.W.D. Harvey-Kelly, Capt. R.B.H. Ingleby, Lieut. A.L. Samuelson, Capt. D.E.J. Radcliffe, Lieut. W. Moore, MC

    Front Row: Lieut. J.E. Russi, Capt. A.N. Bell MC, Major A.P. Dodd, Capt. K.G. Darrell-Rew, Lieutenant Colonel D.H. FitzGerald DSO, Major B.O.P. Eugster DSO, MC

    Sitting: Lieut. E.D.D. Ryder, Lieut. P.N.H. Fawcett, Capt. J.E.C. Lewis-Crosby, Lieut. P.H. Filmer-Sankey, Lieut. J.A. Aylmer, Capt. Lord Plunket, Capt. (QM) R. Hastings, Lieut. R.H.S. O’Grady MC

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