27th February 1942

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    On this day in 1942 117 men of C Company 2nd Parachute Battalion, a German Pioneer Corp interpreter and an RAF Flight Sergeant awoke at Tilshead on Salisbury Plain to be told this day that Operation Biting was on!

    Remembering these brave men who carried out the second British parachute operation of the war and the two paratroopers killed on the operation.

    Utrinque Paratus.
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    Thanks for the reminder AM. I think I'm right in saying that 'C' Company of 2 Para is, to this day, known as 'Bruneval' Company.

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    Hopefully yes....C Company used in the 80's and 90's to be konwn as C (Bruneval) Company..that is if political correctness hasn't got the better of us.......the use of Bruneval may upset someone perhaps!
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    Surname: McIntyre
    Forename: Hugh Duncan McDonald
    Unit: 2 Bn (9 Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles),attached) (C Company)
    Rank: Rifleman
    Number: 3252284
    Date Of Death: 28th February 1942
    Age: 28
    Gravesite: Ste Marie Cemetery,Le Havre,France Divn. 67 Row E Grave 4
    Additional Information: born Ayrshire
    resided Ayrshire
    KIA Bruneval,France

    Surname: Scott
    Forename: Alan Worton
    Unit: 2 Bn (9 Bn Royal Berkshire Regiment,attached) (C Company)
    Rank: Private
    Number: 5347681
    Date Of Death: 28th February 1942
    Age: 24
    Gravesite: Ste Marie Cemetery,Le Havre,France Divn 67 Row E Grave 3
    Additional Information: born Yorkshire
    resided London NW
    son of James and Lily Scott,Finchley,Middlesex
    KIA Bruneval,France
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    Given that the original C company of 2 Para was formed primarily from recruits from Scottish regiments, it's nickname in 1941/42 was "Jock" company.

    How's that for political correctness ! :unsure:

    But then, according to the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald article, Hugh McINTYRE is still alive as he apparantly attended the ceremony to unveil the memorial plaque to his 1942 death. This was a completely wrongly captioned photo stating that the subject of the photo was Hugh McINTYRE when it was in fact a photograph showing Ken Barton, who was offshore on MGB 317 in 1942, - the sole surviving member of any of the armed forces involved in the raid.

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