276 Squadron RAF.

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    276 Squadron was a unit of 85 Group in NW Europe. It operated Air Sea Rescue Spitfires and Walruses. The only references I have found are a brief account on one rescue and the fact that it was based at Airfield B63 (almost certainly in Belgium) after moving from Normandy.

    I am interested in this because my father was on an Air Sea Rescue launch, also in Normandy and Belgium before moving to Norway at the end of the war.

    Does anyone know where B63 was?
    Did 276 Squadron move to Norway?
    Does anyone have any information on or references for the activities of 276 Squadron.


    As usual I had difficulty knowing where to post this since it concerns N W Europe, War in the Air and War at Sea.
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    There's service for you.

    My fathers boat was at Ostend with 12 others and he seemed to spend time in Bruges. There seems also to have been a spare radar unit and direction finding unit on the coast between Ostend and Zeebrugge. It all seems to fit together.

    Thank you.

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