2722375 John Joseph CAIN, MM, 3 Irish Guards

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    Name Cain, John Joseph
    Rank: Serjeant
    Service No: 2722375
    Regiment: 3 Battalion Irish Guards
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: North West Europe 1944-45
    Award: Military Medal
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 24 January 1946

    5th Guards Armoured Brigade, Guards Armoured Division, 30 Corps
    2722375 War Substantive Serjeant John Joseph CAIN, 3rd Battalion IRISH GUARDS

    Sergeant CAIN landed with the Battalion in NORMANDY as a Section Commander in the Carrier Platoon. In this capacity he carried out many useful patrols which were of the greatest value. During the advance from the SEINE his section did excellent work, and again distinguished itself at AAM.

    During Operation ‘VERITABLE’ his conduct was outstanding particularly at VRIJ on 21 February. He volunteered to drive a carrier up to the forward companies to collect wounded along a track which the sappers had not yet cleared of mines and on which one carrier had already been blown up. On this occasion he evacuated five wounded men under mortar fire.

    During the advance from the RHINE Sergeant CAIN has done excellent work as Platoon Sergeant of the Carrier Platoon, where his organizing ability, devotion to duty and his disregard of his personal safety, have been the greatest inspiration to this platoon.

    Throughout the time the Battalion has been in NW EUROPE, this NCO’s conduct has been magnificent. He has worked unceasingly at the maintenance of his carriers both as Section Commander and Platoon Sergeant, and has achieved an outstanding record of mechanical efficiency.

    His cheerfulness and determination never failed and kept his platoon keyed to the highest pitch throughout. A great deal of his work has been of necessity unspectacular, but it has been consistently thorough, and gallant when occasion demanded.

    Recommended for Periodic M.M.
    Field, 4 August 1945

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