2721092 Philip George VEALE, MM, 1 Irish Guards & 3 Irish Guards

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    Name: VEALE, Philip George
    DOB: possibly 5th May 1920
    Place of Birth: possibly Alverstoke, Hampshire
    Residence: London, W.7
    Died: possibly 2006, 1st Quarter, Kent
    Parents: mother possibly Veale nee Mayhew

    Army Number: 2721092
    Rank: Corporal (Acting)
    Regiment/Battalion: Irish Guards, 1st Battalion & 3rd Battalion
    Promotions: Serjeant
    Aquittance Roll:
    WO 361/784
    1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS - Italy, Missing Personnel file
    2721092 Lance-Corporal VEALE P 1 Coy. 1st Bn. Irish Guards Date of Payment 14 Jan 1944, 300 Local Currency

    Casualty Type:
    WO 417/72 Army Casualty List 1377 published 24/2/44,1IG, Italy, Wounded 30/1/1944
    2721092 Lance-Corporal VEALE P G
    The Times Casualty List: published

    Missing Personnel File Details: see Acquittance Roll.

    Gallantry Award/Honour: Military Medal
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: North West Europe 1944-45

    London Gazette:
    War Office, 12th July, 1945.
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in North West Europe:—
    The Military Medal
    No. 2721092 Corporal (acting) Philip George VEALE, Irish Guards (London, W.7)."

    TNA Link: Recommendation for Award for Veale, Philip Rank: Guardsman Service No: ... | The National Archives

    "5th Guards Brigade, Guards Armoured Division 30 Corps
    2721092 Guardsman (Lance-Corporal) Phillip VEALE, 3rd Battalion Irish Guards"
    In the early hours of 4 Mar 45, No. 5 Pl was ordered to attack a small wood and a group of houses on the SOUTHERN edge of the BONNINGHARDT ridge, supported by a tp of tanks from 2 (Armd) IG. The GERMANS in these posns overlooked the whole of the Right Coys in HAMB and it was vital that they should be cleared out by first light. When the pl were within 150 yards of the objective, heavy Spandau fire was opened on them from there sides. L/Cpl VEALE was ordered by his pl comd to assist in clearing the wood. Ignoring the heavy fire, this NCO collected his sec and led them to their objective with the greatest dash and courage, where they killed or captured a number of GERMANS. They were greatly assisted throughout by their tp of tanks.

    Trouble was then experienced from snipers when daylight came, and L/Cpl VEALE went fwd on his own and personally silenced two.

    This NCO showed the highest powers of leadership and determination both during the actual attack under heavy Spandau fire and subsequently during the consolidation on the objective under very heavy shell, mortar and Spandau fire.

    His conduct throughout was outstanding, and was a great inspiration to all ranks, and contributed largely to the success of the operation.

    Immediate MM."

    VEALE P recommendation 1.png VEALE P recommendation 2.png

    Campaign Medals: Italy Star, France & Germany Star

    War Diaries: War Diary: 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS, September 1939 - July 1944
    Irish Guards, 3rd Battalion, 1943 Jan - Dec | WW2Talk
    War Diary: 3rd Battalion IRISH GUARDS, Jan - Dec 1944
    War Diary: 3rd Battalion IRISH GUARDS, Jan - Dec 1945

    Archive Files: WO 361/784, WO 373, WO 417
    Publications: IG History, pages 558-559
    IG Association, Journal 1949:
    London Branch Membership - 2721092 Serjeant VEALE MM P, IG
    War Memorial:
    Irish Guards: Gallantry Awards & Honours - WWII Open Resource Group
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