2719557 Michael GOLDING, Irish Guards

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    Army Number: 2719557
    Rank: Guardsman
    Name: Michael GOLDING
    Unit: 1 Irish Guards
    Theatre: North Africa
    POW Number: 7110
    Date of Capture:
    Place of Capture:
    Camp: Stalag XVIIIA
    TNA Reference:

    Details courtesy of D. Golding:

    Besides the usual Liberation Questionnaire Michael Golding also completed a form about his time evading the Germans in Italy and he recorded the following details:
    Dates and period of help: 10 September 1943 - 16 March 1944
    Name and address of helper: Mario BATI, Monte Vicino, Prov. Firenze
    Type of help given: Sheltered and fed me, Corporal SMITH (U.D.F.) and Guardsman JONES (Coldstream Guards), at great risk. Gave me civilian clothes, viz. 2 shirts, 1 pair pants, 1 pair socks, 1 pair boots - approx. value 5,000 Lire ? - and 200 Lire in cash. Left “chit” not acknowledging help given, but giving my name and home address, SMITH and JONES did likewise.

    Dates and period of help: April 1944 - July 1944
    Name and address of helper: Villagers of S. Adriano, Prov. Parma
    Type of help given: Supplied food to self and Corporal SMITH (U.D.F.) for period - average about 2 meals per day. No “chits” left.
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