2719054 Christopher O’DOWD, MM, Irish Guards & Special Air Service Regiment

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    Hello Mr. Fitzgerald. Did you happen to Know my uncle, Chris O'Dowd? He was with the 1st in Norway but joined the SAS afterwards and was killed in Italy, 1943. A long shot, I Know.
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    Hi and welcome,
    Will send you a PM shortly.
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    Hello Owen, I am researching the life of my uncle, Chris O'Dowd,MM who fought with the 1st in Norway before joining the SAS. I'd like to find out what Company he was with and also to access any official files relating to his time in the 1st. Can you help?
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    Hello, This man was my uncle and served in 1st battalion Irish Guards in Norway before joining the SAS. I want to find out what Company of the Guards he was in or any information people might have about him would be appreciated. Gearoid O'Dowd.
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    I think you will find that dbf is very knowledgeable about the IG so I am sure she will have something for you!
    and welcome to the Forum

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    Yes Welcome, your uncle sounds very interestig!
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    Gearoid and I are corresponding but I am unable to help him with details that he has requested on this thread. Hoping that someone out there will be able to supply the information he needs. :)

    The story of Chris O'Dowd M.M. would be an interesting one anyway without this, but every little piece helps to complete the jigsaw.

    Good luck with it G,

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    Hello again everyone. I have finally managed to get my uncle's story published with Pen&Sword. Title: He who Dared and Died. I have been in touch with Dianne for most of the process, and am very greatful for her help. So now I would like to thank everyone who helped me initially, Andy - thanks very much for the contact.
    Best, Gearoid O'Dowd.
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    Congratulations Gearoid.
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    Well done Gearoid, it's a great achievement getting his story written and in print !

    He Who Dared and Died: The Life and Death of a SAS Original, Sergeant Chris O'Dowd, MM (Book) by Gearoid O'Dowd (2011): Waterstones.com

    He Who Dared And Died - The Life and Death of a SAS Original, Sergeant Chris O'Dowd, MMBrought up in poverty in the West of Ireland, Chris O’Dowd ran away to join the Irish Guards aged 18. In no time he tasted bitter action in Norway but hungry for more he volunteered for the newly formed Commandos. After intensive training he sailed for Egypt, serving with Churchill’s son Randolph, novelist Evelyn Waugh and, most significantly, David Stirling.

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    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details
    Name O'Dowd, Christopher
    Rank: Corporal
    Service No: 2719054
    Regiment: Irish Guards attached 1 Special Air Service Regiment
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Middle East (Egypt and Libya)
    Award: Military Medal
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 14 October 1943
    Date 1943-1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/26

    2719054 War Substantive Corporal Christopher O’Dowd, Irish Guards attached 1st Special Air Service Regiment

    Corporal O’Dowd has taken part in five successful operations with the 1st S.A.S. Regiment. In all these operations, he has shown consistent bravery and steadiness. At FUHA aerodrome on the 8th July 1942 he assisted to destroy 30 enemy aircraft. While engaged on a raid on Benghazi on 14th September 1942 he was in the last vehicle to leave covering the withdrawal by accurate and sustained machine gun fire which drew the defenders fire from the main withdrawing party. On 23rd October, 1942 he was the senior N.C.O. of the raiding party which attacked an enemy convoy driving from SIWA to MERSA MATRUH, assisting in destroying four Lancias.

    On 1st November 1942, he was the senior N.C.O. in a party of six which staffed traffic at SIDI BARREN and then attacked a railway siding capturing eighteen prisoners, four machine guns, blowing up the railway line and destroying wireless equipment.

    Granted Periodical award of Military Medal

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