2717981 Thomas J CAHILL, 1 Irish Guards

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    Last weekend I had a flying trip to Gothenburg. Before going I did a CWGC search and discovered:

    Lance Corporal Thomas J Cahill - Irish Guards

    I was only there one night and didnt have time to visit but I have continued to think of him. How did he end up there?


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    He escaped over the border with 2 others from Norway, after the rearguard action. I think there is a story about him on Ivor White's site. He died of wounds if I remember correctly.

    The source of the information came from Escapers and Evaders report IF this is the same case that I am thinking of.

    Some Micks who ended up in Sweden and who could prove they weren't escaped prisoners from Norway, ie they evaded capture before making their way to Sweden, were repatriated back to UK.

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    Thanks D. Wish I had have had the time to pay him a visit. Maybe next time.


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    Lance Corporal CAHILL, THOMAS J.
    Service Number 2717981
    Died 05/09/1940
    Aged 27
    1st Bn. Irish Guards
    Son of William and Anna Cahill, of Phibsborough, Dublin, Irish Republic.
    Location: Sweden
    Cemetery/memorial reference: 3. A. 10.
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