2717019 James O'DONNELL, MM & Bar, 2 Irish Guards

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    Army Number: 2717019
    Rank: Lance-Serjeant
    Name: J O'DONNELL
    Unit: Irish Guards
    POW Number: 5431
    Date of Capture:
    Place of Capture:
    Camp: Stalag 357
    TNA Reference:
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    IG JOURNAL 1959
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    Police Roll of Honour entry -

    Police Roll Of Honour Trust

    Detective Inspector

    Died 13th December 1958. Aged 48

    Blackburn Borough Police

    On December 12, 1958 DI O'Donnell was called to attend an address in Blackburn due to a 27 year old male armed with a shotgun. The male was reported to have taken seven people hostage, including his estranged wife.

    James arrived and despite the male having already killed a woman and shot an unarmed police officer he attempted to talk the male down.

    James was shot in the chest, he died from the injuries he sustained in hospital the following day.

    Posthumously awarded the Queen's Police Medal for Gallantry.



    Thanks for posting Diane - he should also have post nominal QPM.
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