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    Good evening everyone, I am searching for information on my great grandad, a l/cpl john foster 2700469, scots guards. I know he died in Belgium as i have visited his grave in leopoldsburg. I am just interested to find out abit more about him and his experience of the war. Thanks
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    Rank:Lance Corporal
    Service No:2700469
    Date of Death:09/09/1944
    Regiment/Service:Scots Guards Grave Reference: II. E. 19.
    Additional Information:Son of John and Edith Foster, of Thatto Heath, Lancashire; husband of Mary Florence Foster, of Thatto Heath.

    To obtain his service records, which is the prime mover in researching his military history you will need to apply for them here - Archives | Scots Guards (see Request for service details from 1930)

    When you have his service records then war diaries are the next step, these record the day to day activites of regiments etc, so should descxribe what happened on the day he died.


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    See the section headed Archive Enquiries for the address, email etc
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    He was most likely serving with 3rd (Tank) Battalion SG.

    I would encourage you to carefully read the following thread (Various sources transcription) compiled by forum member Diane (dbf)

    Account: 3rd Tank Bn Scots Guards, Jul 1944 - May 1945

    Diane has also transcribed the 1944 War Diary - see below

    War Diary: 3rd Tank Battalion SCOTS GUARDS, Jan - Dec 1944

    A kind member may even turn up his entry on the official casualty lists on FMP to let you know whether he was KIA or died of wounds received earlier or from any other cause.

    Good Luck

    Steve Y


    I'm sure you are already aware but just in case not Thatto Heath is a "suburb" of St Helens, Lancashire (Merseyside).
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    This persons relative was also in Scots Guards and died 9th Sep - Leopoldsburg War Cemetery

    Try searching this site for other threads

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    Thanks to TD for posting the other thread. If he was X Company Scots Guards he had been attached to 1st Welsh Guards from mid August 1944.

    The 1st WG War Diary has been transcribed by Diane.

    War Diary: 1st Battalion WELSH GUARDS, Jan - Dec 1944

    This is the entry for 9th, 10th & 11th Sept 1944.

    September 9
    By morning it had become obvious that the force in HECHTEL was not sufficient and after the Commanding Officer had returned to H.Q. for a conference, No. 4 Company Group sent up, the remainder of the firm base, following at 1100 hours, and harbouring in the woods, where Command Post had been the night befoe, while Command Post moved forward to be nearer HECHTEL itself.
    The sad news came in the morning that Major LISTER had been killed, while leading No. 3 Company into their positions on the crossroads.
    His personality and example had been an inspiration to the Battalion.
    He will be irreplaceable because he was unique.
    All who served with him will always remember in him a man who was truly great.
    A day of sharp enemy counter attacks followed, for it was as essential to the enemy as it was to us to hold the village, a fact which was emphasised by Brigadier JOHNSON.
    Companies became swallowed up in the straggling village and if help had been available, it would have been welcome.
    However, few troops have yet got over our bridge at BERINGEN, and none where available.
    The most severe counter attack came in at 1900 hours, when infantry, supported by tanks succeeded in temporarily driving No. 3 Company off the cross roads and over running the leading Platoons of Prince of Wales and X Companies.
    Major MILLER, who was at ‘O’ Group at the time, immediately returned to his Company and, having done such re-organisation as was necessary, got both Prince of Wales and No. 3 Companies back to their original positions, and by 2100 hours all was well again.
    Three Batteries of 25-pounders and a Battery of Mediums were known to be on call, which made the position easier.
    Later that evening, the IRISH GUARDS Group came up on our Left and they and the GRENADIER GUARDS Group are to continue the attack the next morning.
    During the afternoon, Captain WALLACE was unfortunately wounded through an accident with at 36 grenade, and Lieutenant MITCHLEY also wounded.
    The day’s fighting cost the Battalion 1 Officer killed, 2 Officers wounded, 1 Other Rank killed and 17 Other Ranks wounded including C.S.M. WARD No. 3 Company; comparatively light in view of the heavy and continuous fighting.
    During the day, Captain WATT, who has now joined us from 8 CORPS, brought news of half a dozen brand new German vehicles on the main road which the Germans had vacated.
    They consisted of STEYRs and a 30-cwt FORD, and were joyfully collected by Lieutenant KOPPEL and the fitters.
    The Battalion was now established with 3 companies and tanks to the West of HECHTEL cross roads and it has not been possible to occupy the whole village.
    A peaceful night followed.

    September 10
    Another day of counter-attacks, but the Battalion managed to remain established to the West of the crossroads in HECHTEL.
    Major MILLER has now taken over Support Company, at any rate for the duration of the battle.
    It is becoming increasingly urgent to take HECHTEL, which is now on the direct Centre Line to the ESCAUT.
    Captain HENDERSON rejoined the Mortar Platoon having come back from hospital after being wounded at WAVRE.

    September 11
    During the night resistance in the village increased and it became increasingly difficult to hold what we already had.
    However, no counter attack developed on the scale of the 9th, and all efforts of penetration were successfully held.
    Prince of Wales and No. 3 Companies were now together on one side of the cross roads, and X Company on the other side.
    One of X Company’s snipers, Guardsman HARLEY, has already the best part of 15 Germans to his credit, and the Companies there have been engaged in continuous fighting.
    In the evening Captain HENDERSON was killed by a sniper, when on recce.
    O’ Group took place as dusk was falling, and orders were issued for the final attack on HECHTEL the next morning, which included No. 4 Company and artillery support.

    Steve Y
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    Sounds like a very eventful few days then, it really must of been horrendous. Thanks for the swift replies, you have all been very helpful so far.
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    Until you have sight of either the official casualty list via FMP or his service record via RHQ SG you won't know for definite the cause of his death including if he was wounded earlier and subsequently succumbed to those wounds 9th Sept 1944.

    Steve Y
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    Killed in Action ,
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