269055 Ronnie Hutton, MC, 615 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers

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    According to the Irish Guards history, a Sapper officer led 4 Gdsmen onto the bridge on 10 Sept 44 and together they cut wires to demolition charges. I have the names of the 4 Gdsmen but was wondering if this was the RE officer.

    Found this link to MC recommendation, but does anyone have any information about this particular incident in Histories etc?

    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details

    The name Ronnie Hutton is mentioned in JOE Vandeleur's book.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Can't help with this one, but have been in touch with German troops who fought at the Bridge
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    Hi Philip,
    Oooh, sounds interesting, can you tell me more ..?
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    They were RAD troops, one whom I met a couple of years ago, and once went to a reunion with them in Germany, no fanatics, just kids from 17/18 years old who were forced to join up.
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    Thanks Philip, must have been very interesting to hear stories from this side and first-hand too.

    So, anyone got any info on the above-named Sapper officer, or can anyone point me in the direction of sources?

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    I will ask a friend who has some knowledge about RE, mostly CRE, but maybe he can also help here.
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    And yes he did:

    Joe's Bridge: it was Captain R.D. Hutton, MC RE, troop leader in 615 Sqn, RE at the time.
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    Hello Philip, this is great.

    Thanks very much for checking, please send thanks to your friend also.

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    Looks like I will have to build more bookshelves :D

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    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details

    Name Hutton, Ronald David
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Service No: 269055
    Regiment: 615 Field Squadron Royal Engineers attached IRISH GUARDS
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: North West Europe 1944-45
    Award: Military Cross
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 01 March 1945
    Date 1945
    Catalogue reference WO 373/51

    269055 War substantive Lieutenant Ronald David HUTTON, 615 Field Squadron, ROYAL ENGINEERS
    32 Guards Brigade, Guards Armoured Division, 30 Corps

    On the night of 10 September 1944 Lieutenant HUTTON advanced with the leading platoon of the assault party to capture the DE GROOTE BARRIER over the MEUSE-ESCAUT Canal. The bridge was covered with three enemy 88mmm Anti-Tank guns and many spandaus.

    In spite of this opposition Lieut. HUTTON, with total disregard for his own personal safety, examined the firing mechanism of the bridge in the glare of a blazing ammunition lorry on the bridge site, and successfully neutralised all the charges.

    The initiative and gallant conduct of this officer was instrumental in enabling the column following up to maintain a bridge head and keep the centre line for further movement.

    Recommended for Immediate MC
    Signed Lt. Col. J. VANDELEUR, Officer Commanding, 3rd Battalion IRISH GUARDS
    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details

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    J.O.E.'s bridge and IG's Plaque


    SOURCE : Help for Heroes | Just another WordPress.com site

    The above link is the diary for the 2010 A bridge to Far Bike ride for H4H which was undertaken by volunteers and wounded ex servicemen.


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